Do you really know Jesus?
The answer to that question is the difference between heaven and hell!

Phil 3:10-11
-We realize we think we know Jesus, but we really don’t know him at all!

Isaiah 53:2-3
-Jesus wasn’t impressive looking!
-He had nothing in his appearance to desire him!
-Even the image of Jesus is pulled away from who Jesus really is!
-Jesus isn’t holding the golden goblet like Indiana Jones movie…he’s holding the old wooden goblet

Mark 1:27-28 – Surprising of Jesus time is that he taught with authority! He wasn’t an emotional creature…as depicted today

John 2:17 – Jesus was full of zeal!

Matthew 7:13-14 – Jesus isn’t as accepting as we think-only a select few!

Matthew 3:11-12 – Jesus gathers with an unquenchable fire

Matthew 12:20 – Jesus was powerful, but he was sensitive and in touch with people’s needs

Matthew 5:24 – Jesus was our brother…the one you’ve never had..lays down his life for you!

Hebrews 13:7-8 – Jesus is unchanging!! If you want to know the Jesus of today…you need to know the Jesus in the Bible! He is always there and ready for you to get to know him!

John 14:6-7 – If you want to know God, you need to know Jesus!
-The enemy of Jesus would want to deceive people so you won’t know Him and be close to Him
-Satan has crafted a false Jesus over the years so people cannot get to know Him!
-People have a false sense of what it means to know God!


John 1:1-10 – Jesus is the light of the world! You’d think people would be grateful when in dark so long….but instead they are scared because they don’t want the light!

Acts 4:8-12 – Peter says there is only one name/light under heaven!
-There is only “one light in the cave”…and if you dont follow it…you will remain in the dark!
-Jesus comes to the religious world and in his day…it was the religious people who killed him!! And it is the same today!
-These people who walked around saying all the “right things” were Jesus’ enemies!

Acts 2:36-39
-There’s one light and there is one way! Do we understand what it’s means for our world today?
-What would happen if Jesus were here today?

John 8:31-47;58-59 – Just believing isnt enough! MUST hold to his commands! They keep arguing with Jesus!
– Jesus gave them the words of God and they rejected him!
– The people who once believed then turned against Jesus and tried to stone him!

John 15:14 – You are Jesus’ friend if you obey Him! We, in our sin, want Jesus to be our savior–but not our LORD!
-Is it my heart to obey?? It’s the only way to be his friend!

Galatians 1:10 – Cannot please God and man! Where am I at with this? We can’t please both!

–> Ignore what everybody says unless it’s a scripture! Because people’s opinions change, but God is unchanging!


John 12:47-48 – Jesus isn’t here to judge the word but to save it!
-BUT there is a judge though!

John 3:36 – We cannot reject Jesus and have life! The world is already condemned as it stands!
-They are already drowning without hope! Only hope is God throws a life preserver!!
-If we don’t grab Jesus, we won’t be saved!!

-Let’s not be deceived and take a gamble with salvation!!

Romans 1:18;29-32 – If you’ve done this before, then you’ve made this list!!
-We ALL make this list!! Murderers are the same as a gossiper!! We are all no better than each other.
-We are all on death row together!!…just for different crimes!

Romans 2:1-4 – When we don’t build each other up, it’s like murder!
-We have all been freed from death row! Let’s not forget this…and not forgive each other!
-If God let’s bitterness go…why can’t you?! You have forgotten your freedom from death row when we lose our patience and holds grudges!


Matthew 18:7-9 – This is the truth of Jesus not sung in songs!
-Where is this Jesus of today?
-When we take a stand for sin, it
is inconvenient and painful and people think we are crazy…but we take a stand and make it to heaven!
-It takes sacrifice to get to heaven!

-Even if you’ve given it all up…have you graduated? Do you still not need to give things up for God? We continually need to let go for God!
-What scares you the most in life to lose? What do you have that, if you lost it, would make you fear and question discipleship?
-If you find something that you fear losing, then we fear for you–Satan has a foothold!

-Lack of fear is not courage!! Overcoming fears is courageous!

Romans 8:17- Sufferings for Christ lead to glory w God!
-Suffering is not a curse! It’s the life of a disciple and love from God!
-Don’t give up!!

Romans 8:28-39 – God works for the good of those who love Him!
-Nothing in all creation can separate us from God’s love!