Are You Really Living Life? – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on February 16, 2014

Notes & Scriptures

– God is asking you to make discipline a priority
– Don’t feel defeated
– Start defeating your lack of discipline
– This week will be amazing
– If you start defeating your lack of discipline

* Building Takes Discipline

Luke 14:28-30
– Coming to Jesus is like building a tower
– Have you ever watched something built?
– Construction same thing everyday
– Consistent monotonous work
– Hard work, that takes discipline
– But, it’s NOT complicated
– It takes discipline to build kingdom of God
– Discipline is an awesome thing
– Discipline changes your life radically
– “The Disciplined Life” (read intro quote)

1 Timothy 1:7
– God did not give us a spirit of timidity
– He gave us a spirit of POWER
– He gave us a spirit of LOVE
– He gave us a spirit of SELF-DISCIPLINE
– What’s the hardest thing for you to fight?
– Your lack of discipline
– Do you want this week to be life-changing?

James 5:16
– Are you confessing your undisciplined life?
– When was last time said you’d do it & didn’t

Proverbs 5:21-23
– Death is the reward of undisciplined life
– The Message Version is GREAT here
– This week: defeat lack of discipline
– There is a cost to count

* Counting the Costs

Matthew 5:37
– Let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’, your ‘No’ be ‘No’
– Be men of integrity!
– This doesn’t just mean follow through
– This means do you REALLY mean NO
– There’s stuff to cut out of our life
– Must say no when it gets late
– Everyone in the room is CONVICTED! LOL
– So many times late because don’t say, “No”
– Must see the value in saying NO
– Exactly same as YES not being YES

Luke 9:23-24
– The cross represented voluntary death
– We voluntarily die everyday to follow Jesus
– This took Jesus having AMAZING prayer life

Matthew 26:36-46
– Jesus said, “Spirit willing, body weak”
– Watch and pray so you don’t fall
– Temptation will overcome you without prayer
– Early morning and late at night prayer life
– Discipline: same exact thing
– Denial of self does not just mean stop sinning
– Denial of self is total discipline in your life
– Death is reward of undisciplined life
– God will only endure the sin for so long
– Start BATTLING the lack of discipline
– Start BATTLING the self-indulgence
– This take accountability
– This take PRAYER and following Jesus
– This cross is too big for you to bear
– Only one way to beat it; Go to God!
– Rely on God to change you as a person!

– First thing to attack is the HARDEST thing
– Go straight for the hardest thing possible
– Pick the biggest obstacle in your life
– Attack it HEAD ON
– Maybe it’s saying: I WILL go to bed on time
– Maybe it’s saying: I WILL get up early!
– Maybe it’s saying: I will NOT eat that cake 🙂

* Responsibility

Proverbs 6:6-11
– You blame everything/one around you
– But: it’s YOU
– Field trip to look at the ant
– No one is barking orders at the ant
– The ant has a mission and a purpose
– The ant does not move around halfhearted
– Life is not complicated
– Do what you were made to do (wholehearted)!
– Learn from the ant and you will be wise
– Fools think there is a shortcut
– Fools don’t work hard when no one watches
– God knows your life
– God knows if you’re working hard

– Scientists made revolutionary robots
– How?
– Looking at an ant and imitating it
– Termite mounds become gigantic!
– There was no architect
– They just did what they were designed to do
– When you do the job/the work, God builds
– Are you a sluggard spiritually?
– Did you share your faith everyday?
– Some of us are so “smart,” we don’t share
– It is about you MAKING time to talk to people
– Your ministry will not move until you work
– The ant does not wait for the OTHER ants
– The ant knows its job and does it
– PRAY about this
– DENY yourself
– Make a decision to change your actions
– God WILL place you there to save someone!

* Plans and Practicals!

Gideon Effect
– Only a few consistent, disciplined people
– Will change the CAMPUS
– On every chalkboard, announce the group
– Every table has a flier
– Everywhere a student goes: saturated
– Let’s make it seem like we’re EVERYWHERE
– We are going to saturate this campus
– We will become a household name at SFSU
– This takes being like a spiritual ant
– This takes discipline!
– No shortcuts

Mark 1:35-39
– Commitment to waking up early
– Plan out your day while you are praying
– Pray for your plans in the day
– Stay clean (body and house)
– Be physically active
– Get in SHAPE
– Plan to share your faith
– Plan to encourage a brother or sister

Ecclesiastes 10:2-3
– There’s no shortcut to being wise, disciplined
– You must defeat your lack of discipline
– People will see it in the way you walk
– People will see it in the little things you do
– It will show the big picture of who you are
– Lack of discipline is obvious
– Brothers do not indulge and movies/games
– It means not overeating
– It means planning out time with others
– It means planning out time with God
– Pray deeply and hard about your life