Be On Guard – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on April 27, 2014

Notes & Scriptures

John 14:1-6
Acts 9:1-2
Acts 19:9
And so on…

* We see the term, “the people of the way”

Luke 9:51-53
– How does the journey start?
– Rejection
– How does the journey end?
– Rejection

Luke 13:22, 17, 18
– Jesus made his way to Jerusalem
– Jesus was on his way
– Jesus is specific about the way
– This small group WILL change the world
– Will people fall away?
– Yes, sadly
– Because kneading the dough is tough

Luke 19:28, 37-44
– The journey begins with rejection
– The journey ends with rejection

Luke 10:25-37
– Jerusalem is half-mile above sea level
– Jericho is below sea level
– “A man was going down…”
– Understand this is opposite Jesus’ way
– Levite is going the wrong way
– Priest is going the wrong way
– The disciples were excited about this!
– They were excited about THE WAY
– They understood the terminology

Hebrews 12:14
– Make every effort to live in peace
– Make sure no one misses grace of God
– A bitter root is defiled
– A bitter root defiles many also
– So what are we protecting against?
– Bitterness?
– No!
– Helping other not miss grace of God!
– Keep one another focused on heaven
– My name is written in the book of life
– Cannot forget what you have
– Cannot be ungrateful
– Does that mean they’re spoiled?
– Not necessarily
– It does mean you’re negative
– I lean toward negativity
– Should I be proud of that?
– Every single person here is awesome!
– Do I only see their flaws?
– Am I missing the grace of God?

1 Peter 5:9
– We’re all going through same sufferings
– We’re not out to get one another
– That is not a biblical thought
– Never think a disciple is out to hurt you
– Why do people get that negative?
– Because missed the grace of God
– There will be thorns and weeds
– These people will not leave the Kingdom
– Eventually, will be ripped out and burned
– What can we do to help each other?
– Disciple one another’s hearts

Things God has given us in grace
* Kingdom of God
* Awesome relationships
* Great spiritual family/friends

Proverbs 4:23 NIV
“Above all else, guard your HEART, for it is the wellspring of life!”


(1) The Yeast of the Pharisees
(2) For All Kinds of Greed
(3) For His Second Coming
(4) For Fire On Earth

Yeast of the Pharisees

Luke 12:1-12
– If you’re following hypocritical leaders
– They will lead you to hell
– Hypocrisy cannot hide from God
– God knows everything about your life!
– “You can run, but cannot hide!”
– Don’t fear PEOPLE
– Fear of God will keep you from sinning
– See Exodus 20:20
– What is Gehenna?
– The valley where dead bodies burned
– The valley where idols were burned
– A valley where the fire never died
– God knows you so well!
– He knows the very hairs on your head!
– Let that give you great sense of peace
– We are the sons and daughters of God
– Blaspheme the Spirit = Reject the Bible
– That is why only unforgivable sin!
– If you’re in “the way”, God gives the word

For All Kinds of Greed

Luke 12:13-21
– Jesus does not play sides
– Jesus does not honor partisan requests
– Watch your heart against greed
– Never being satisfied
– Examples: money, possessions, power
– Greed fuels disagreements, disharmony
– Jesus’ genius
– Talking all about yourself?
– Not talking? THINKING all about yourself
– Greed is centered in SELF
– It’s all about you!
– The world disciples us to be greedy!
– Especially, in AMERICA
– What is the joy of my life?
– Is it to make people rich with GOD?

Luke 12:22-34
– If God takes care of animals and plants
– OF COURSE, he will take care of you!
– Grass was used to fuel the ovens
– The flowers were purple (royalty color)
– The whole pagan world is about worry
– A more modern word is “stress”
– When stressing, not being a disciple
– Think about this when stressing!
– Luke has a different point than Matthew!
– There’s the Kingdom: and nothing else!
– Is your life all about the Kingdom?
– Where thousands are trampling
– Jesus says, We will have a little flock
– Jesus knew every life is precious
– Jesus knew every life is fragile
– Kip used to think he was indestructible
– He was humbled!
– We must treat one another as FRAGILE!
– God treats us gently
– God knows that we’re fragile
– God is pleased to give you the Kingdom!
– God treats us with LOVE!
– Am I still committed?
– Or, am I being emotional?
– Are you inspired by someone to seek the Kingdom (with the eye of the tiger)?

* Special missions! *

For His Second Coming

Luke 12:35-48
– Jesus will come and wait on US!
– If Jesus came now, would he take you?
– Would Jesus serve you and dress you?
– Are you ready?
– Jesus will come when not expected
– Peter said, “Who do you speak to now?”
– Jesus says, “The Leaders!”
– Jesus says, “Better take care of ’em!”
– Leaders have knowledge
– Leaders have experience
– Leaders have talent
– Leaders better USE THEM
– What if these are not used at all?
– What if these are used improperly?
– Of course! You will be CHOPPED UP
– If you have doubts about the ministry!
– If you’re concerned about money!
– You’re RIGHT
– You better embrace the right partner!
– Don’t look at appearance
– Look at the heart!
– To whom much is given, much expected
– Marry someone who has the same heart

For Fire On Earth

Luke 12:49-53
– God is bringing a judgment
– It will bring the pressure on
– Because God is consuming fire
– Do you really love the Lord your God?
– Will you go after the lost?
– Will you go after your family?

Luke 12:54-59
– How come you don’t understand?
– Why don’t you understand THE WAY?
– He’s not talking about a human judge
– Using a common analogy!
– It’s common sense
– If God is your adversary, you can’t win
– Why is her your adversary?
– Because you have a debt
– Your debt has been paid!
– So, what should you do?
– Reconcile!
– Or else you can’t pay off that debt!
– It convicts
– It upsets
– But, Jesus was calling for a decision
– Love vs. Hate
– Light vs. Dark
– Saved vs. Lost
– Heaven vs. Hell