Do You Really Want It? – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on January 19, 2014

Notes & Scriptures

  • Today is Seahawks vs. 49ers!  Is it going to happen again!?
  • This year we hope that the 49ers REALLY want it!
  • Do we really want it?
  • Or do you want to catch up?
James 5:17-18
  • What does “earnest” mean?
  • Devout, heartfelt, urgent, sincere
  • Opposites: frivolous, apathetic, half-hearted
  • When you pray halfheartedly,  you can be sure – it won’t come true
  • Someone who really wants it will have the earnest prayer life of Elijah
  • Elijah meant business when it came to his prayer life!
1 Kings 18:40-46
  • An earnest prayer warrior looks foolish in faith
  • What is your earnest prayer that might look foolish to some people?
  • Do you care – or do you not care because God is with you!
  • 14/14/14, sharing at Sizzler!
  • Elijah had the foolish faithful heart of a humble and powerful man of God
  • Elijah puts his head between his needs and prays for the rain
  • Some of us pray 1 time, go and look, and give up
  • Some of us pray twice, go and look, and give up
  • But, Elijah was a man just like ME!
  • He prayed and it RAINED
  • What stops me from seeing the miracles God has in store?
  • Some of us don’t want it bad enough deep in our heart
  • I don’t fight against an apathetic enemy
  • I can’t describe Satan as lukewarm
  • He is deeply committed, ferocious, and intense
  • By the time it’s too late – we’ll realize what we should have done
  • Elijah prays and the impossible happens
  • Am I desperate in my prayer life?
  • The difference between prayer warrior and apathetic is desperation
  • The strong in the world are the weak in the Kingdom
  • The weak in the world are the strong in the Kingdom
Matthew 15:21-28
  • Traveled 60 miles on foot to see Jesus!
  • Our PRIDE keeps us from getting our prayers answered
  • Doesn’t God know who I am?
  • Doesn’t God know how much I sacrificed?
  • We think it’s God’s fault
  • Really: It’s our sinful heart
  • Here we see the difference between a humble and faithful person and a faithless and prideful person
  • When you want something – you are humble
  • “When you really want something, you get it.  When you don’t, you make excuses.”
  • Sometimes, I look and blame other people for things that I’m not getting
  • That means you don’t really want it
  • When I found out I was the problem, I was fired up
  • Why?  Because it means I’m the solution, too
  • Elijah knew that he was the solution to the problem
  • The Canaanite woman really wanted it
  • Jesus made it clear to everyone through that interaction
  • This is what humility, faith, and earnestness looks like
  • When God sees it go as far it can – then he knows you really want it
Matthew 20:29-34
  • The blind men are rebuked, and told to be quiet, by DISCIPLES
  • Did they stop?  No!  They got louder
  • When you are hit with resistance calling out for Jesus, or cranking for God – GET LOUDER
  • The harder it gets, the more resistance you feel, the LOUDER you need to get
  • Eventually, when it’s clear that you are earnest – Jesus will stop.
  • The blind men had a simple prayer from the bottom of their heart, “We want our sight.”
  • Simple and desperate
  • Prayer is not saying it 80 different ways in a faithless and halfhearted way
  • Prayer is saying it once, with all of your heart, desperately
  • Get to the point where you are deperate
  • If you would just KEEP GOING, you would have the heart of the blind man
  • Prayer does not mean that you are praying FOR REAL
  • Where are you at?  How much are you willing to pray to get your heart where it needs to be?
  • You can be in the dark as a disciple because you don’t rely on God throughout the day
  • Your hollow inside and empty
Matthew 8:5-13
  • Some of us are so talented in the world
  • God allows us to get to a point where we no longer can attain what you need
  • Your goal seems to far?
  • Your goal seems unattainable?
  • If God says Yes, no one can argue it
  • Your whole goal and job as a human being is to get God to say Yes to something
  • Now let’s see if he’ll really pray… Says God about us at times
2 Kings 5:1
  • Why wasn’t Naaman desperate?
  • Naaman was consumed by himself
  • Are you easily offended?
  • Are you easily angered?
  • What if Elijah called Naaman a dog?
  • When you get angry, you are not humble and you’re not desperate for God to do awesome things
  • Being easily offended means you have a lot to work on in your heart
Luke 22:39-46
  • Jesus’ greatest achievement started right here with a desperate prayer
  • I would not be here without this prayer
  • Who am I not saving because of my prayer life?
  • Jesus did not go through this for himself
  • Jesus went to the cross for me
  • Imagine your roommate comes home bloody
  • Jesus was the only person ever recorded to prayer until the point of death
  • “I want to pray until I sweat blood”
  • If I am following Jesus, I need to pray just like Jesus
Do I really want it?
Do the 49ers really want it?


  • How bad do you want BYND to crank?
  • Imagine the back of room 28 being filled
  • Do you really want it?
  • If we do it, and we really want it, it will crank
  • It just matters how much you want it
  • Pray about this sermon
  • Find a prayer spot
  • Pray for awhile