Following In His Steps – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on September 29, 2013

Notes & Scriptures


– Jesus’ death on the cross lasted 6 hours (1 Peter 2:24)
– None of that time included the emotional and torment before the cross began!
– How did Jesus handle the pain?
– The reason why people fall away from God is because they don’t know how to handle pain!
– We must follow in Jesus’ example in handling pain.
– Compare your response to pain to Jesus’ response to pain

Hebrews 5:7-9
– Jesus’ response to pain

Luke 23:32-34
– Amidst torture by others, as opposed to being bitter and angry, He forgave them… while on the cross!!
– Jesus’ response was forgiveness! Do we forgive others amidst our pain?
– Our response can be to inflict pain back so people learn how it feels.
– That was NOT Jesus’ response!

Matthew 6:14-15
– This is why it’s important to forgive others!
– If you could weigh your sin against God opposed to how others mistreat you….what’s more?
– Shouldn’t we have mercy?
– Do you have anything against anyone? If so…you need to forgive them so YOU can go to heaven!
– When others sin against us….we want justice!!
– But when it comes to forgiveness for us…we want grace!
– Imagine if God gave us justice for all we’ve done? No mercy and no forgiveness!
– We couldn’t stand under that kind of judgment!


John 19:28
– Saying “I am thirsty” was Jesus being open
– The whole crucifixion process, Jesus was open!
– Jesus was tempted in every way, yet He never sinned!! Imagine how hard that would be?!
– Our battle also is to be open!
– Getting open about how we feel is crucial
– NOT just getting open with our sin!! On a heart level, we need to be open!
– if sin is continuing in your life….you’re not being open on what leads up to the sin!
– Jesus was open about how He felt all through the cross process!
– People grow distant if we only talk about our achievements!
– There is no “perfect time” to be open with our sin!!


John 19:30
– Jesus wasn’t a victim
– He never gave up all the way to the bitter end!
– The pain tempts you to quit! Pain is what causes people to quit!
– The struggle to repent of sin is NOT worth losing our salvation!

1 Corinthians 10:13
– Everything we go through is not uncommon!
– But God is faithful….He never tempts beyond what we can bear!
– God ALWAYS provides a way out (a way to overcome).
– Mother Theresa said, “I know God will never tempt me beyond what I can bear…I just wish He didn’t trust me so much!”

1 Peter 2:20-21
– Jesus suffered to leave us an example!
– The cross was His example to you on how to handle pain!