Food That Lasts Forever – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on March 9, 2014

Notes & Scriptures

John 6:1-15
– Jesus feeds the five thousand
– How does it start?
– The disciples go to the top of the mountain
– They see the five thousand coming to them
– They wonder how they can handle so many
– Jesus tested the faith of the disciples
– Jesus has a plan
– Yet, Jesus never reassured them of the plan
– Logical Philip does the calculations
– Jesus stretched the disciples
– Jesus stretched them to test their faith
– Do you believe you only need Jesus?
– As long as we’re with Jesus, it will be OK
– This miracle was for the disciples

Matthew 6:33
– Jesus was stretching the disciples!
– He wanted to see if they had the faith
– If you’re a disciple, seek God no matter what
– God takes care of the needs
– Don’t freak out when God has a different plan
– Where is your faith at?
– Are you staying close to God?
– Do you run back to the world when stretched?

John 6:16-24
– Disciples were afraid to see Jesus on water
– Lesson again: OK if with Jesus
– If have fear, don’t realize who you are to God
– God has our back as disciples
– Do you understand who you are?
– God is saying: you are covered! Don’t fear!
– What do you fear?
– What are you so afraid of?
– Disciples didn’t let Jesus in the boat
– Why? Out of fear
– When they let Jesus in, everything was OK
– Jesus says, cut it out!
– Stop being afraid!
– It’s all good!
– Stop trying to figure out life
– Figure out what you’re afraid of
– Realize that it is not acceptable for disciples

Examples of Fears
– Fears of people (trying to please people)

Example of the Cow
– Cow in a huge field
– Pressing its head against a fence
– Trying to eat grass on the other side
– You are that cow!

John 6:25-40
– The people looked for Jesus for food to eat
– Not because they loved Jesus
– They wanted physical blessings
– After Jesus’ rebuke, they try to trick Jesus
– Jesus says they must believe in him
– The people say they will believe if given food
– Jesus continues to rebuke their hearts
– Forget the food!
– It’s about me!
– Forget about what you get out of it!
– Love me!
– Believe in me!
– It’s about having a relationship!
– The only thing that will sustain your life
– Put the will of God first! Jesus first!
– Then you will not need anything else!

John 6:41-60
– Now they get annoyed and begin grumbling
– The people become critical
– Instead of food, they get a “crazy” lesson
– They actually considered eating his flesh!
– It caused a sharp disagreement!
– Jesus says there is no other option
– You must drink the blood of Jesus
– Do you see the point?
– You must be sold-out
– You must be willing to do anything for Jesus
– You must understand only one way to live
– You must eat and drink the blood of Jesus!
– He is your food and drink!

John 6:61-71
– Jesus became aware of grumbling disciples
– Does this offend you?
– He’s not talking physically, he’s being spiritual
– The words he’s speaking are SPIRIT!
– They are LIFE!
– From then on, many disciples turned away
– The people were too focused on themselves
– The people followed Jesus out of selfishness
– The motives of a disciple must be pure
– It’s all about being with Jesus
– There is no selfish motive
– Do not focus on yourself in the Kingdom
– Do not focus on what you get out of it
– The flesh counts for nothing!
– It’s the spirit that gives life!
– Why are you really following Jesus?
– You will be tested every single day
– Are you here for yourself?
– Are you here for your own desires?
– There’s only one place to get food
– It’s with Jesus
– Life can be a storm, stretch, and test
– There’s only one place of peace
– The place of being with Jesus!
– In church, do you take or do you give?
– For contribution, do you give the leftovers?
– Or, are you pledging to build the church?
– Is your faith in God or in money?

– Where do you go for your self-worth?
– Is it in the world, or is it from God?
– Many time we get focused on ourselves
– We cannot focus on ourselves over Jesus
– We cannot have an overbearing opinion of self
– This is prideful whether good or bad
– Don’t think too much; don’t think too little
– Jesus doesn’t play buddy-buddy discipleship
– “Nothing better than the fellowship”
– “Maybe one day we’ll be sold-out”
– It was never about having five thousand
– It was about one person, who gave everything
– Not about yourself, about Jesus!
– San Francisco not won by being friendly
– San Francisco won by commitment
– We cannot tolerate people being uncommitted
– We cannot accept lack of commitment
– A disciple is committed
– This is the heart that I must have
– If I want the world evangelized, need this

Romans 12:3
– Think of yourself with sober judgment

Example of Warfare
– You need an army of committed men
– You rely on one another for survival
– What if a solider wanted to be on the other side for the day? Unacceptable

John 15:1-2
– It’s harvest month
– But, God will snip off dead branches
– How many things can I push out?
– I want to make disciples
– Will you be on the bandwagon of baptizing?
– For your own salvation, be on the bandwagon!
– If not a part of it, will not last long
– You will be cut off
– Help people be disciples!
– Share your faith
– Be in Bible studies
– Get pruned
– Don’t fall away