For the Honor of God – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on January 5, 2014

Notes & Scriptures


Luke 11:14-23

  • When God’s Kingdom comes, demons are driven out of the lives of the people who come into the Kingdom
  • The demon of impurity
  • The demon of apathy
  • The demon of lukewarmness
  • The demon of minimalism and low commitment
  • If you see it, guess who’s responsible? You are.
  • Jesus is stealing souls from Satan’s kingdom
  • We are spiritual bandits robbing souls from the world
  • We are Jesus’ Ocean’s Eleven
  • If we are not with Jesus, we are against him
  • If we are not gathering souls for Jesus, we are SCATTERING
  • We can’t be neutral in sharing our faith
  • There is no middle ground for sharing your faith
  • Imagine if we all gathered together as a unified group
  • We have a church of 50 disciples! Why aren’t we all gathering?
  • Who’s in Bible studies? Who’s sharing their faith?
  • Our heart must be a church that honors God
  • Be focused on GATHERING – this needs to be my mindset – this needs to be my identity
  • There’s people everywhere! Gather them!

RULE 1: Your Bible Talk must be fruitful

Matthew 9:27-31

  • Two blind men saying, “Have mercy on us!”
  • What did Jesus do?
  • These blind guys had to go indoors and find Jesus
  • Because these blind men had faith, they made there way from the outside to the inside and stood before Jesus
  • The blind men had the faith to cry out, and seek Jesus, and know that they would be healed
  • We must understand: Just because we have the right doctrine, and fruit in the church, does not guarantee you will be fruitful
  • According to YOUR faith, it will be done
  • The religious world’s faith, has no conviction
  • True faith is where you know without a shadow of a doubt that it will happen
  • We had Berkeley, with another brother’s household, for SF State women to baptize 10 women
  • How many of these prayers were answered? None.
  • Why? Our faith was stolen away from us.
  • Everyday we battle to keep the conviction and the faith strong beyond a shadow of a doubt

Do you have faith? Do you believe and know that it will happen 100%?

RULE 2: Your faith must be unwavering

John 10:10

  • Jesus came to give us a full life
  • Satan came to destroy our faith, to steal us from the Kingdom, to blind us and make us miserable
  • There is the happy exterior of every person in the world
  • Inside is the secrets, the sin, the ugliness that they keep hidden away
  • The life of the person in the world has a weak foundation
  • Jesus comes to change the pattern of the world
  • Jesus comes to complete us and fulfill the lives of the people who seek him
  • Jesus comes to lay a foundation that cannot be shaken
  • When a disciple is not fired up and full of joy – Satan has a foothold
  • The mark of a true disciple: THEY HAVE FUN
  • A full life is one that other people want to join and have fellowship in!
  • We must have fruit, and we must have faith, which means we WILL have fun!
  • Mike’s mission to have the most fun in a year that we can possibly have!
  • Be creative and do things TOGETHER!
  • The disciples met daily in the fellowship in Acts 2:42-47

RULE 3: Have a blast


  1. Everyone gathering
  2. Everyone faithful
  3. Everyone laughing