God Demands Total Obedience – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on February 10, 2014

Notes & Scriptures

1 Samuel 15:1
– Goes back to Samuel anointing Saul
– God calls Saul to destroy EVERYTHING
– God wanted complete destruction
– We need to see Saul’s response to God
– Saul spared “everything good”
– Saul was “unwilling” to totally obey God
– God and Samuel were grieved
– What does Saul do?
– He builds a monument to himself
– Saul did what was evil by not obeying
– Saul’s words were “religious”
– Rebellion and arrogance is flat SIN
– God rejects it outright

– This story shows you what NOT to do
– INSPIRING to see what not to do


– Saul knows what to do but doesn’t do it
– Then he tries to cover his tracks and lies
– He even contradicts himself
– Saul was a fool
– Everyone before Saul was deep
– Abraham, Isaac, Jacob… all deep
– Saul was SHALLOW

– When you see the nature at Yosemite
– The creativity the power the majesty
– You know that God is deep
– Mike found fallen trees
– He noticed how shallow the roots were
– Being deep it keeps us from foolishness

Psalm 119
– A young man can be pure? How?
– Live according to the word of God
– When you’ve been through a lot
– That’s when life must go deeper
– True depth is when you know God’s Word
– What chapter do you have memorized?
– How much do you even take notes?
– Are you all about God’s Word?
– It is deeper than anything in our lives!

Isaiah 37:31
– Depth produces FRUIT
– This was theme scripture of mission team
– Tree is powerful because of root system
– That root system builds the tree
– When you look at fruitful, happy disciple
– You only see the top of the tree
– You don’t see the roots underneath the tree
– Samuel prayed all night long
– What did Saul do?
– He built a monument to himself
– How serious are you about God’s Word?
– When will you listen to the Bible?
– What are your roots?

Dave Fergot
– Dave’s problems started to pile up
– When he moved out lost security
– Can’t find a job, losing money
– Some of us still rely on our “old tricks”
– We need to learn to rely on God

Isaiah 53:1-3
– Welcome to the life of Jesus
– A man of sorrows
– Familiar with suffering
– What are you familiar with?
– Jesus was familiar with suffering
– There is a sorrow in Jesus’ heart
– Why? People were not deep with God
– When we sin, God doesn’t want to punish
– God wants to show us how he feels
– Ashley’s insight from David and Uriah
– Mike realized he must be deep with God
– Mike wants to be expert-master of Bible


1 Samuel 15:22-23
– Rebellion is like DIVINATION!
– Arrogance like IDOLATRY!
– Divination is witchcraft
– Divination is relying on ungodly spirits
– To get what you would get from God
– No difference between witch and rebel
– Not cool to be “rebel without a cause”
– What is rebellion?
– You do not listen to your leaders
– You argue with your leaders
– Humility means you’re not rebellious
– Humility means others know more than you
– Especially when God placed as your leader
– Arrogance thinks that you are right always
– You must see that others know better
– We need to be humble towards one another

1 Peter 5:5
– Humble yourselves and God will lift you
– When a sinner points something out to you
– Do you disciple them? Or, do you repent?
– Do you apologize? Do you listen?
– Test God’s promises


Matthew 28:18-20
– Teach them to obey EVERYTHING!
– Do you see the total obedience?
– There’s a difference between teaching
– And teaching to OBEY
– Mike will not let down Jesus
– The question is does the person OBEY?
– Now, you have a disciple
– Our services are not the issue
– The issue: are people obeying?
– We must DISCIPLE people to be fruitful
– Just because you see people a lot
– This doesn’t mean getting them to heaven
– What does this church need? Obedience
– Saul just made excuses
– Samuel was teaching him to obey
– Hold everyone to Jesus’ standard
– If you’re discipled, be fired up!
– Call out the sin!
– Stop allowing others to miss quiet times!
– When we obey, God will bless


– At Yosemite, we had a moment to dream!
– There’s no such thing as a wrong dream
– Don’t think about the “right” dream
– Don’t be a people pleaser
– What’s the dream that’s on your heart?
– Pray for me and Sharmayne (New York)!
– Pray for Ashley (ICCM)!
– Jesus was a dreamer!
– So, was David!

1 Samuel 16:1
– David is anointed
– Don’t be scared to have the wrong dream
– Show your real heart through your dream
– Don’t people please