God Is Proud Of You – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on September 15, 2013 for our 1-Year Anniversary Service!

Notes & Scriptures

When we think of making someone proud, we tend to think of our dads. What does it mean to make God your dad?

Hebrews 12:9
– God gives birth to our spirit/soul
– He is father of our soul

Jeremiah 1:4-5
– God knew us before we were formed in the womb

Galatians 4:4-7
– God took us out of Lavern to sin and made us His sons/daughters

Galatians 3:26-29
– God clothes us with Jesus’ clothes (He sees us as His child)
– We have a spirit that makes us call out to our father (Abba, Daddy, Dad)

Acts 2:36-38
– Takes hearing and believing the message, then you’re cut to the heart and ask what to do
– Because now you’re convicted with what to do
– Then when you’re baptized you become a son/daughter of God
– He gives you His Spirit (you become the family of God)
– We are motivated by the relationship with our “Dad”

Why is it important to please your Father?

Mark 1:9-11
– We imagine hearing these words from God (“I am well pleased”)
– We can’t be motivated by not wanting to go to hell (that’s like fire insurance)

Romans 2:1-4
– It’s not God’s anger that leads us to repentance (fear of hell)
– Otherwise, God becomes like a “parking attendant” who punishes us for our wrongdoings
– If you don’t know God’s love, you don’t repent!
– We won’t grow in a deep relationship with God if we continue to punish ourself every time we sin
– The greatest lie from Satan is that God hates us and wants to punish us!

Isaiah 43:1-5
– God says not to be afraid because He has summoned us by name personally
– It’s necessary to grasp God’s love for you!

Psalm 91:1-16
– God spreads His wings over us to protect/shield us
– Do you wan to be protected/rescued by God? Only takes one thing … to love Him!
– Do you love God? Rather, ask God, do you feel loved by me?
– What will you do because you love God?
– If your relationship with God is pathetic, then your life will be pathetic!
– Make the decision to walk with God!
– As hard as you punish yourself, your heart will never get to the point it needs to be without just loving God!

John 16:27
– God himself loves you!
– Read throughout the Bible how much God loves you!

Isaiah 26:12
– Everything we have accomplished is from God!

Isaiah 37:31
– We will bear fruit as we get deeper in our roots!
– When you love God deeply, you love each other deeply!
– And with all this, the church of God will grow!