Preached by Mike Underhill on August 11, 2013

– Alcatraz history article read – describing some of the most dangerous convicts
– Golden Gate is the home of the first lighthouse – ironically we are here and are the light for San Francisco

1 – Hear the Word
– Did Peter hear the word?

Luke 8:15
– hear, retain, produce

What’s your plan now for what you’ve learned after GLC?

2 – Because You Say So
Luke 5:5
– Peter had the heart, even if it doesn’t make sense, he will do it!
– Peter submitted himself to his leader (even in an area where the person may not be an expert, will you follow?)
– What happened to Peter? He followed Jesus and it changed his life
– What price are you willing to pay to see the kingdom dreams in your life?

3 – Sinners
Luke 5:8
– sinner is someone who is stained with definite vices and crimes
– sinner as referred to here is convicts, tax collectors, etc

Matthew 16:17-19
– Jesus gives Peter the keys to the Kingdom

– Realize that you’re a sinner and God can change you!
– When you’re focused on God, He can use you!
– When you get open and realize who you are, God can change you!!!
– When you realize that God gives the keys to sinners, then you realize that you can be used by God!


1 – Do you understand you’re a sinful person? Or do you have a plank sticking out of your eye?
2 – Once you realize that you’re a sinner, do you believe that God can give the keys to you?

Luke 5:10
– first lighthouse in SF was with the most dangerous convicts!
– Jesus gives us “light” even when we are so sinful!

Genesis 15:1 – “Do not be afraid” – that statement echoes to a Hebrew man!
Exodus 26:25 – “Do not be afraid”
Exodus 20:20 – “Do not be afraid”
Deuteronomy 1:21 – “Do not be afraid”
Deuteronomy 3:21-22 – “Do not be afraid”
Deuteronomy 31:7-8 – “Do not be afraid”
Daniel 10:10-12 – “Do not be afraid”
Luke 5:8-11 – “Do not be afraid”

– We are tested so we can learn the fear of God (have 20/20 vision) and should not be afraid!
– How valuable is this calling to you? What will you give up in order to follow this calling?

Malachi 3:6-10
– Do we rob God?
– We need to give up everything in order to make this church awesome?
– The #1 thing to deal (first thing addressed) with in returning to God is in your contribution to God
– Jesus is LORD over everything!
– If you’re not giving a tithe, you need to repent and give 10%
– God will bless you if you test him in this!