Mike Underhill: Words can't express how grateful we all are here to have a "veteran" and "prodigal son of God's household" join our fellowship in San Francisco! Rob, a brother in Christ, who just like myself fell away and starting bartending and riding motorcycles, was restored a few years ago in our former fellowship. I was so grateful to start building a friendship with this dear brother when he contacted me after he began listening to the sermons on our website! (Thanks to Tim Le and Aaron Viscichini for their website work!) Rob was searching for the "sold-out fellowship" that he was baptized into before falling away in the 90's.
Over this past year, Rob and I simply became good friends and I did my best to help Rob in whatever way possible. Rob finally began seeing the "immovable lukewarmness" that persists in his former fellowship, and after finally seeing his own convictions affected and eroding, he placed membership with us in order to protect his relationship with God! Sadly, his former church immediately labeled him as a "false brother," his roommates asked him to move out, and his girlfriend ended their relationship! But, God encouraged him today by giving him his first non-Christian friend out to church in many, many months! It is such a joy and I am filled with tears to be in the presence of a man who has persevered in this spiritual battle and remained faithful to the Word of God at all costs! We love you with the love of the Lord, Rob!

Rob pays the price to join the San Francisco
Bay ICC Band of Brothers!