Great Men Are Made Through Suffering – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on March 23, 2014

Notes & Scriptures

– George Washington
– Hermon Melville
– Steve Jobs
– What do they have in common?
– Nothing worth having comes without suffering

Romans 5:1-5
– We should be fired up!
– Why?
– SUFFERING produces perseverance
– PERSEVERANCE produces character
– CHARACTER produces hope
– HOPE does not disappoint

Hebrews 12:1-2
– Do you want to be great spiritually?
– Fix your eyes on Jesus

* How did Jesus react to suffering?

(1) Suffering with Imperfect People

Luke 6:12
– “One of those days…”
– Jesus prayed the WHOLE night!
– It was definitely “one of those days”!
– Jesus calls all these different men
– Called them up the mountain next morning

John 6:64
– Jesus knew from the beginning who’d betray
– Judas was not the sad surprise
– When he called Judas, knew the consequence
– But, called, honored, and loved him anyway
– Later Judas betrays him with a kiss
– Jesus loves unconditionally
– Jesus suffers for everyone
– We are surrounded by imperfect people
– But, Jesus still calls us
– The apostles had no clue it’d be Judas
– Because Jesus showed no favoritism
– The test of a relationship: unconditional love
– There’s no favoritism or cliques
– Go after your friendship with others
– Go after the guys your not friends with
– If Jesus could love Judas, you can love, too!
– Jesus did not run from suffering
– Jesus went after loving the hard to love

(2) Jesus Confronted Issues Head On

Mark 10:32-34
– Everyone who wants to kill him in Jerusalem
– The disciples were astonished
– Those who followed were in fear
– Jesus was leading the way
– Jesus was not dragged into Jerusalem
– Jesus led the way into a terrifying situation
– Everyone else was astonished
– What do we do?
– We run away from the scary situations
– Do I lead the way into the scary situations?
– Or, do I go, resolutely, straight into them
– Sometimes don’t want to go to church
– Why? Scared of how we look to others?
– Do we help people feel comfortable?
– Or, do we preach the word?

(3) Jesus Ran to God in Prayer

Matthew 26:36-40
– Jesus shared where he was at emotionally
– He was overwhelmed with sorrow
– This is usually the time you DON’T pray
– Why? Because you know have to deal with it
– We don’t want to deal with our hearts
– Jesus didn’t run to anything else except God
– “The spirit is willing, the body is weak”
– Jesus understood the struggle
– He asked for followers anyway
– Have I taken my sorrow and stress to God?
– Or, did I check out and switch my focus?
– The spirit is willing, our bodies are weak
– When we pray through it, we do God’s will
– God is calling you to pray in your stress
– Even though you don’t feel like it
– Being a disciple is praying when DON’T feel it
– NOT praying when you DO feel like it
– Jesus knew what he had to do
– CHALLENGE: deep prayer everyday this week

(4) Jesus Overcame Evil with Good

Matthew 26:47-50
– Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss
– Jesus calls him “friend”
– When your brother sins against you, what do you do? How do you react?

Matthew 26:59-63
– Jesus didn’t give into pressure
– Jesus didn’t reply because he knew his duty
– CHALLENGE: don’t laugh, don’t be worldly
– Don’t please people to fit in
– Be willing to be awkward for Christ

John 18:33-37
– Jesus went after the prominent man in region
– Even when at expense of life, he didn’t care
– He cared about saving souls
– Jesus was fired up to make disciples over his life

1 Timothy 6:13
– Before Pilate, Jesus made “good confession”
– When did he make it?
– Right before he died!
– When do we say it? What do we say?
– “Jesus is Lord!”
– They confessed it to every single person
– Jesus confessed it no matter what
– Did you only say it at baptism?
– Or, do you still say it today?
– Even if your life is on the line
– Everyone who listens to truth will listen to us

Matthew 27:32-34
– Jesus was offered wine mixed with gall
– Is this the easy way of being saved?
– Jesus didn’t medicate his suffering
– There is no dulling the pain of discipleship
– When God is in control, he cranks your life
– Jesus said if put me first, God cranks your life

– Jesus didn’t give in to persecution
– He didn’t “prove himself” out of some ego
– He stayed focused on his duty and mission

Matthew 28:18-20
– Jesus did not hold anything against his bros
– He said, “I’m with you; let’s change the world”
– Are you a negative leader?
– Or, do you have faith?
– Don’t let negativity make us weird and crazy
– God is working on us to make us awesome
– Use the Bible
– Have faith
– Don’t act in selfish anger or resentment

(5) The Learning Process of Christ

Hebrews 5:8-9
– Even Jesus had to learn how to suffer
– Even Jesus learned the value of suffering
– Suffering teaches obedience
– A great man is made great in suffering
– Not just belief, but obedience
– This is what makes Jesus source of salvation
– If we obey, we help save people
– We become source of salvation