Greatest Truth of Mankind – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on April 20, 2014

Notes & Scriptures

Luke 9:21-22
– Jesus told his disciples exactly what would happen
– Jesus resurrected from the dead!
– The greatest truth of mankind!
– A beautiful morning
– Cool and brisk
– Maybe just like during the morning of the resurrection!

John 8:12
– If you follow me, you have the light of life
– What was going on just before this?
– When you sin, there is a punishment deserved

John 8:1-11
– Jesus is there with the worst of sinners
– In the end, it’s just him and her
– Jesus saves her life
– We think it’s wrong for people to challenge us in who we really are!
– Jesus wasn’t saying do not CHALLENGE people
– Jesus was saying do not PUNISH people for their sin
– Have you cast a stone at the people around you in your life?
– Put those stones down!
– Bitterness is NOT tolerable in the Kingdom of God!
– Do you think you have the RIGHT to punish people for their sin?

John 8:31-32
– You will be set free when you hold to my teachings!
– If you are not in a church that is holding you to the teachings, not set free!
– When you sin you’re a slave to sin!
– When you are mastered by something, you’re a slave to it!
– A slave is not a part of the family!
– A son belongs to it forever!
– The light and the darkness has never been so clear!

Acts 26:24-25

Romans 6:3-4
– You were baptized into the death of Jesus Christ!
– Jesus died and was raised to life!
– That’s what Easter is all about!

Romans 12:1-2
– Be transformed by the renewing of your minds!
– God says that when you join him you’re now a living sacrifice
– Holy and pleasing to God
– Have you ever seen a living sacrifice before?
– The Bible says, as disciples, we’re all living sacrifices
– A sacrifice is placed on an altar and burned
– Can you imagine putting a live sheep on an altar and setting it on fire?
– Every, single day getting back on the altar!
– So many chances every day!
– To be a LIVING sacrifice!

The Altar
– Have you stopped sharing your faith?
– Have you stopped having quiet times?
– Are you being lazy?
– Are you lacking discipling and focus?
– Are you giving your whole heart?

What is a life “worthy” of the calling?
– You work hard
– You have a disciplined life
– You have consistency and conviction

Proverbs 5:21-23

Luke 8:11-15
– Which soil is the emotional soil?
– Except, number 4!
– There’s only one soil that will NOT lead you away from God!!!
– It’s also the only soil that doesn’t follow it’s emotions!
– It’s always emotions that take people out!
– It’s only the fourth soul that has CONVICTION!
– Don’t follow your emotions!
– Embark on a journey that will take you places you never dreamed of!
– Instead of the up and down repetitive cycle of an emotional person!
– Just look at the past two weeks!
– A disciple controls their emotions
– Don’t be so out of touch with your emotions that you don’t know what’s going on?
– Admit that you have emotions!

(1) Wept over Jerusalem
(2) Wept in front of Lazarus’ tomb
(3) Wept in Gethsemane

What was the answer every time?

Where does it NOT come from?
– Laziness
– Sleep
– Distancing from others
– Watching favorite shows/movies

Proverbs 5:21-23
– You will die for lack of discipline
– “I’m not living a life worthy of the calling”
– Mike wants to apologize for his lack of discipline
– This is intense
– It takes discipline in all areas of our lives

Romans 8:31-37
– Jesus was RAISED TO LIFE
– The Cross is amazing!
– The Resurrection is even MORE amazing
– When we were baptized, we raised from the dead as well!
– Why do we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead?
– Because it affects us, too!
– The Spirit transforms a disciple!
– It takes a disciple and raises them from the dead, too!
– Is your life different from before?
– Are you emotional, but put the word first
– Are you living a life worthy of the calling