Groundhog Day – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on February 2, 2014

Notes & Scriptures

Romans 12:1-2
  • Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world
  • Be transformed by the renewing of your mind!
  • We are TRANSFORMED according to God’s will so that we may know it!
  • There is a pattern that exists that is opposed to God’s will!
  • We are called to be changed and transformed in his kingdom!
  • A pattern that glorifies God
  • The pattern of God’s kingdom is to overcome sin!
  • The amazing transformation
  • The light of the disciples in the darkness of the beach
  • You don’t see it – until you are transformed!
  • The power starts when your life changes
  • Do you have the COURAGE to change?
  • Are you willing to take a step in a direction you’ve never been before?!
You Gotta Have Faith
  • CJ knew that he hadn’t been praying the way that he needs to
  • CJ went to God – and was transformed
  • When we don’t fight this battle with spiritual weapons of prayer
  • We will definitely lose the battle
  • CJ had to know before he went to God consistently in prayer
  • That he was not ready to commit to God
  • CJ’s response: he went to the bathroom and started to pray!
  • Even after hours of studying late into the night
  • If you read something in the Bible, would you change it immediately?
  • Someone with faith knows that God does the impossible!
  • When you read the Bible, do you KNOW this changes NOW?
James 2:14
  • Do you believe and think that is enough to save you?
  • Does dead faith exist?
  • Do you come to church every week, listen to Christian music?
  • Do you refuse to curse, and help people?
  • Does that save you?
  • Or, do you have faith that the Bible will transform you and take away all of your sin?
  • Mike talks about the impurity that plagued his life!
  • The only thing that could change him was faith
  • Deep in his heart, that he could obey the Bible and BE TRANSFORMED in his mind and heart
  • Faith AND obedience take away the sin that plagues our lives!
Romans 12:17
  • One of the girls at SFSU used to be atheist until she came out to Bible talk
  • She started studying the book of John
  • She began to have faith!
  • She began to see the power of the Bible to change our lives!
  • She used to hate people and dismiss those that she didn’t agree with
  • Now she is transforming into a loving person!
  • Do we believe the Bible will transform us like it transforms an atheist to a believer?
  • Why? Because we read it everyday?
  • BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE READING and you will obey!
2 Corinthians 12:7
  • We ALL have weakness!
  • We should not be surprised when we fail!
  • As a sinner, we are WEAK – part of us is incomplete, insufficient, and inadequate
  • As a weak person, you can’t fix yourself!
  • Left by yourself, or taking a break, you do NOT get better
  • If you have more time in life, that does not mean you are going to heal yourself!
  • God created the universe as imperfect!
  • “Even the stars…” says the book of Psalms!
  • Even the greatest ideas and views and discoveries and relationships are imperfect!
  • Only GOD is perfect
  • Non-disciples: go to God ASAP!
  • Disciples: stay with God and focus on him everyday!
  • We don’t get the same day over and over again
  • Go to God
  • We are weak
  • God will make us strong if we rely on him
  • Become super reliant on God and each other!