Jephthah’s Life of Tears – Mike Underhill
Preached by Mike Underhill on July 7th, 2013

Notes & Scriptures

Judges 10:6-10
– This is an intense time where Israel repeats the cycle of disobeying God once again
– Their disobedience leads to darkness, to distress in their lives, which then leads to their cry out to God
– He sends a deliverer (a judge)
– When their deliverer dies, they repeat their cycle again!
– The Israelites were crushed because they stopped serving God
– When we became a disciple, we were fired up to serve God…
– As time went on, our hearts wandered…due to distractions, lethargy after so much service, etc.
– Either way, God gets angry when we stop serving Him!
– Can you say you served God all week?! That your first thought was how you can serve God?
– It takes thought, planning, and discipline to serve God! It’s not natural!
– Does our schedule include God? Do you even have a planner?
– Make goals to serve God for the week!!

Judges 10:11-14
– Are you relying God or something else? If it’s not God, then it’s something else!
– If your times w God aren’t strong, then you’re relying on something else!


Judges 10:15-16
– They confessed their sins and then repented!

2 Corinthians 7:8-11
– Paul confronted the people’s sin and it hurt them … but he was not sorrowful because it led to their repentance
– Is that the mind of Discipling relationship you have? Are you dealing with who you really are?
– Your sorrow needs to be godly!
– Are you eager (serious) to clear yourself? Are you indignant (righteous hatred) about our sin?
– When you’re a sinner…why are you so prideful to think you’re surprised you sinned?
– Do you long to be pure before God?!
– We need to long for righteousness no matter what the cost!
– Concern means what are you going to do about this? Concern=action
– Readiness to see justice done – this one makes us angry with God!
– There are consequences for sin!! Your destiny is destroyed by your sin!
– You never see your full potential w God!
– With your sin, maybe you need to apologize?
– Maybe they are in pain and you have to be patient for justice to be done! (Jeremiah 29:11 – God’s plan or you)
– Have you gotten open w your sin? It’s very heavy on your heart!!
– Darkness overcomes their whole face when you’re hiding in sin!
– Sin in your heart torments you more than anything in world!

Judges 10:17-11:1-3
– Jephthah was from Gilead – first tribes of trans-Jordan tribes – Gilead became dominant in those tribes
– Because his mother was a prostitute, he didn’t know who his dad was (hence saying Gilead (a tribe) was his father)


Judges 11:4-12
– Jephthah had an erie past that caused pain (pain of rejection, etc)
– Even through his pain, he became a deliverer for God’s people
– Don’t let your past keep you from doing what you can for God’s people now!
– Are you wallowing in failures and not doing what you can for God!
– Your past is gone and God has new plans for you!
– When you think about going to the future, something in your heart lies to you and makes you believe you need to stay where you are – but that’s NOT a safe place!!
– “The people who move are the ones who live” – Wold War Z quote – “Movement is life”
– We attempt to lock ourselves in safety and not risk failure anymore!
– Are you stagnant and comfortable?! To move takes sacrifice!!
– Don’t be afraid of your mistakes!!!
– Get out of your room!!