Preached by Mike Underhill on April 14, 2013


Judges 3:31-4:1-3

-The pattern of judges is the pattern for all time as well….disobedience against God which brings darkness and distress!
-Then the distress forces them to call on the name of the divine! History repeats itself when their leader dies.
-Haggoyim- Hebrew means gentile
-God brought a light to shine on the Gentiles (v2-3)

v4-10–> Deborah led the way and showed the people Gods way and how to hold to His commands!

v8- The sadness of the time is that men wouldn’t stand up for God and how dark the times had become – because only women were spiritual!

Numbers 10:29-33- Hobab was a Midianite and Moses’ brother in law (Zipporahs brother)

Numbers 31:1-3- How important to be w Gods people? The decision is between life and death!!

Judges 4:11-13;5:20-21- Gods plan is to push obstacles into the Kishon River (in battle it was the chariots),
-God flips the people’s weakness into thir strength!

Judges 4:17-24- The prophetess Jael took out the evil king and received that honor! And all led by Deborah … a married Woman!

Judges 5:7;31- Deborah reigned
40 years and there was peace in the land!

Deborah’s song – v5:20;7-11 – the people did as they saw fit bc there was no leadership! There was nobly to stand up and protect!
-With every great victory comes a great song…

Judges 5:1-
Exodus 15:1-3;19-21 – Is there a song in my heart??


Judges 5:2-
– Deborah’s song she wrote to praise the LORD
– A leader to be unafraid of the people – no boundaries or walls is he stuck in – he goes and preaches the word!
– The bible changes people and gives them something to take a stance for! So much can be done when people work together!
– Understand that it’s willing hearts that praise the Lord!
– God works w the leftovers!
– there were searching of hearts in Reuben (v15) – the paralysis of analysis…considering around the campfire and never showed up for battle!
-Issachar was rushing into battle w Barak – are you as zealous as this? – Or are you holding back and sitting at a campfire searching your heart?
– If we will have an impact on this city, we need to have the hearts of Issachar…people stay lost!
– Or is there something else more important?
– v17- Dan lingered by the ships where the money was coming in
-v17b -they remained in their coves (bc it was comfortable there).
v19-23 – comfort, safety, and obstacles were what held the people back from doing Gods work! – We will rush in in God’s church!!
– Nothing more important to us than to see this church grow!


– the people were self-absorbed and deceived, therefore, they didn’t do anything for the Lord! These people focused on self!

– But Jesus says in Luke 9 that we must deny ourselves and carry our cross daily!

– Our time, money, and travel equals the salvation of souls!

– There is no worship of God Like the worship amongst heroes of God!

– God is always your solution when finances or other trials are in your life!

– When you truly know that God is the ONLY solution…you’re willing to give up absolutely everything for that!

– Song lyrics “I’ve Never Been to Me” by Charlene
– Women are used and beaten up in the world!

-We can become bitter when we choose the sweet life over a sacrificial life!

– You’re looking elsewhere (even as disciples) for the sweet life….but it’s only in the Kingdom and w God!!!

-Do we still look at San Francisco as we did when we planted it?


Zephaniah 3:14-17
– Do you hear God singing this morning?
-The sign of the Old Testament was that sons returned to their fathers!

Acts 2:17
– God says new testament prophecy is that the young men will have visions!
– The kingdom is entered w broken dreams!