#1-Sound the Trumpet of Bravery

Judges 3:12-30

Ehud – a no-name man who wanted to take a stand for God! He wanted to take a stand – so he killed a king who has persecuted and enslaved God’s people for 18 years!

1400 BC – We see the pattern here of how God works through judges-people are faithless and become disobedient and are taken into the darkness.

-This is 50+ years after they have taken over Jericho…and the scene with Ehud starts here!

-After 18 years of war and being subjected to Moab…and after Ehudv delivers them…there’s peace from then on for 80 years!

Exodus 19:12-13 – you can’t touch the mountain until the ram’s horn sounds -or you will be out to death!

– We will rewind almost 100 years to understand the significance of the trumpet.

v16-19 – This isn’t just a jazz instrument…this is the trumpet of God! It makes the people tremble to hear! God uses the trumpet to allow people p come to the mountain of the LORD.

-Sound waves are significant! Sound was used to kill people there…rattles the organs of our body and kills you!

Leviticus 23 – the trumpet was used to celebrate God

Numbers 10 – trumpet was used to call people together in battle!

-In Jericho they used the trumpet to knock Jericho’s walks down!

Isaiah 58:1- The trumpet is the only thing that shows God’s trujoet’s voice. We are God’s trumpet in our voice!

-When the trumpet stopped blowing…people were silent…no longer spoke and God’s Kingdom didn’t advance!

-Our voice is the trumpet and it still needs to be sounded! Make no mistake…God is waiting to hear that trumpet!

Romans 10:8-9 – This verse is more challenging to us than it is to the religious world! Because we need to proclaim the word of God and tell the world about it!

v10-It’s with your whole heart that you live God and are justified and get credit from Him!

-And it’s with your mouth that you confess! Continue to confess daily not just once! It’s a continual process of sharing and believing your whole walk w God in life!

-The disciples confirms the lordship of God in their life every single day! That’s what it means to be a true disciple!

Matthew 11-God’s Kingdom forcefully advances! If your life is not advancing…then you’re not experiencing God’s Kingdom!

Isaiah 58:1-7 -God says it’s not one day of reverence toward God (coming to church just Sunday!)

-What am I doing w my life? Have I lost my voice? That’s not God’s plan for your life!

#2 God’s Power Displayed in a Disciple’s Weakness

Judges 3:15

Left-handed people connect with the world differently than how a right-handed person does.

-Years ago, it was a disability because they are trained to battle right-handed…therefore, as a left-handed person you could not fight in battle

-Ehud means “I will give thanks!”

-God chooses the “disabled” to do miracles so they will be humbled as clearly it was all God who did this!

2 Cor 12:7-10
-God’s power is made perfect in our weakness! With us….impossible! With God…completely possible!

Mark 10 – With God…and faith…all things possible! Are we relying on ourself to be a disciple or are we relying on God?

-If you don’t confess your sin…you are relying on yourself to overcome your sin!

-A weak person confesses thir sin and goes to God for strength?
For the deliverer to deliver…he needs to see how weak he really is!

Micah 5-God chooses the lame!

-We need to accept who we really are! Don’t be shocked when we sin-it’s who we really are! Don’t be shocked when you sin…realize you need to go to God!

-If you hide your sin…it kills you!

#3 – Ehud Blasts the Trumpet

Judges 3:26-31

-It’s been 18 years and the disabled God blows it and the trumpet comes back!
-Ehud retakes God’s Kingdom for His people,
-The trumpet is Jesus is LORD!

-We can’t sit back critical in our home and watch the Kingdom advance without you!

“A man not fit to die for something is not fit to live” – MLK

-We need to go to battle to die-because that’s what we are here for, but God’s Kingdom lives forever!