May Missions Madness – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on May 4, 2014

Notes & Scriptures

(1) Making It Personal

1 Chronicles 29:1
– Building God’s Kingdom
– Not for man, but for God
– Here, gave large quantities for Temple
– David gave personal
– David was fired up to build Kingdom
– Special missions is personal
– A way in which we show devotion
– Not building for man, but for God
– That’s why David was passionate
– Look at the amount of sacrifice
– The temple was destroyed
– The new kingdom lasts forever
– Let’s make this personal
– We are devoted to God’s Kingdom
– Nothing is better than the Kingdom
– Our personal devotion makes us MAD
– MAD to raise contribution for Kingdom
– God sees your devotion
– Am I equally devoted today as before?

(2) Sacrificial Giving

Matthew 6:19
– We store our treasure in heaven
– Not on earth
– This is a radical teaching for the West
– Where am I building my treasure now?
– Where is it being stored?
– Is it in Bank of America?
– Or, is it in the Kingdom of God?
– How much am I investing in Kingdom?
– Your heart will be revealed
– Worried about 55 to 80, or 80 to eternity?
– Nothing destroys heavenly treasure

Luke 21:1-4
– God is looking at the heart
– Not at the dollar amounts
– Am I giving up everything?
– Or, Am I putting on a show?
– How much faith do I really have?
– Am I giving out of my poverty?
– Or, giving out of my budget?
– The widow gave everything she had
– We don’t give because we don’t believe
– Am I passing the test?
– Do I believe the scriptures?
– Everyone must give to God’s kingdom
– Do we have the heart of Jesus?
– Do we call people in faith to give?
– Or, do we not call even the poor to give?
– Sometimes, we even miss meals!

(3) Personal for God

Haggai 1:2-11
– Israelites building their own houses
– Struggling because not God-focused
– God wanted them to build his temple
– God did not bless them; God not first
– For God it is personal as well?
– Am I emotional or afraid?
– Stop being emotional, have faith
– God has our back, if we have his
– Is there greed in my heart?
– Am I focused on my own life?
– There’s a thread of sacrifice
– There’s a thread of passion for God

(4) Unity

1 Corinthians 1:10
– Perfectly united in mind and thought
– Satan will try to divide us on missions

Hebrews 13:17
– Our burden should not be unity
– Our burden should not be giving
– Our burden should be making disciples
– Bring joy to your leader in obedience
– Where is my perspective?
– Is it really this big of a deal?
– Don’t we pay for everything else?

(5) Sacrificial Giving

2 Corinthians 8:1-9
– In extreme poverty, Macedonia gave all
– Are we willing to give it ALL?
– Even 10k more?
– 20k?
– People became poor, for us
– Are we doing the same for others?
– Be fruitful in your giving