Power From On High – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on September 1, 2013

Notes & Scriptures

Luke 24:49
– The disciples hearts changed about their certainty of who Jesus was once he came back to life!  There’s power in the resurrection.
– When you’re in touch with Jesus rising from the dead, then you’re persuaded easily by what He is saying.
– The power from the resurrection led to power from God in the life of the people listening.

Acts 2:1-5; Acts 2:22-41
V24 – Imagine that death couldn’t even keep a hold on Jesus!
– What is this power all about?
– The power from speaking in tongues wasn’t the power from on high (so we needn’t be discouraged that we haven’t experienced this)!

Ephesians 3:14-21
V16 – power through his power
V18 – power to grasp God’s love
V20 – his power is at work within us
– The power is repentance and forgiveness of sin
– Our spiritual transformation comes when we receive the Holy Spirit at baptism

1 John 1:9
– God’s power heals and forgives us
– We stop being powerful in God because we can’t overcome our self-hatred and sin
– We don’t have the power to understand and grasp God’s love
– Imagine if a best friend took a punishment in your place and was beaten to death for you!
– Could you take pride int or think that you’re so great that you deserved to have your friend die in your place?
– That’s what Jesus did for us!!
– We hold so much value in God’s view!!
– The world makes you believe you have no value!  Satan’s lie to you is that God doesn’t value our life! (we’re 1 in 8 billion)
– But God values each and every one! We can’t even grasp it! (God’s love is amazing and greater than we can comprehend)!
– Our lives are pathetic when we don’t understand God’s love!

2 Corinthians 12:7-9
– God’s grace is sufficient for us
– Figure out what you’re really weak in? (Take this challenge)
– We need to be balanced in knowing our weaknesses and our strengths!
– It’s only God’s power that gives us perfection
– When we truly understand the cross, we will give up absolutely everything for God!
– Realize and accept that you may never completely understand His love – you’re not in touch with it – so work hard to find God’s love!