Rest For Your Souls – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on March 16, 2014

Notes & Scriptures

Matthew 11:28-30
– Rest for my soul comes from yoke of Christ
– Jesus wants to “kick-it”
– All the weary, all the burdened, go to Jesus

Mark 10:45
– Jesus did not come to be served, but serve
– Jesus came to give his life as a ransom
– Why? To save the world
– Another purpose of Jesus: serve others
– He did not come to be served

Philippians 2:3-11
– Why do we bow to Jesus?
– Because he was God made servant of man
– Jesus’ yoke considered others better
– That was by his humility
– Our attitude should be like Christ
– Imagine having angels at your beck and call
– Not just one; but millions
– That was Jesus on the throne in heaven
– Then he came to earth
– He came as God
– But expected no one to serve him at all
– If you follow Jesus, make yourself a servant
– Your job is everyone else’s needs
– Make that your job and find rest for your soul
– Become a servant of others
– Are you “gonna do me”?
– Do you take a lot of “selfie’s”?

What will science figure out next?
– “New” research shows help others: be happy
– Our generation is the “selfie” generation
– Jesus says, “deny your selfie”!
– Think about John and Laura Zamora

Proverbs 18:1
– An unfriendly man pursues selfish ends
– Selfishness can breed unfriendliness
– Quietness can lead to unfriendliness
– People think you’re “stuck up”
– An unfriendly person is selfish
– Core of selfishness exists in unfriendly people
– Don’t be fake
– But, care about others more than yourself

Galatians 6:2
– Carry each other’s burdens
– In this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ
– Find the burdens of someone else
– Take that person’s burdens away!
– This is what stands out in a disciple
– We see the burden of another as OURS
– The law of Christ is not crank your QT
– The law of Christ is not share your faith
– The law of Christ is not be productive
– The law of Christ is think about others!!!
– Stop thinking about yourself
– A prideful person does not share their burden
– A prideful person does not admit weakness
– A person who admits weakness will be strong
– If we focus on one another, burdens lifted!
– We work as a team to move forward in life

Notes about A Beautiful Mind
– About John Nash, an economist
– Changed prevailing economic theory of time
– Found self interested economy was weaker
– Found selfless economy was strongest

Research Shows
– Giving into selfishness
– Causes more stress
– Causes more depression
– Causes more anxiety
– Causes more emotionalism
– Answer: serve other people
– Stop focusing on yourself

– Stop thinking in a selfish way
– When your life gets hard
– Don’t give in to selfishness
– Follow God; Help others
– This is the greatest thing you can do

Joshua 1:1-3
– God says, “I will give you everything”
– “Everywhere you set your foot”
– Disciples are the sons of Abraham
– Wherever God puts you; God says, “it’s yours”
– This campus belongs to the disciples
– This campus is your living room
– Do you treat it like your living room?
– Do you treat students as if in your own home?
– Do you believe we are the outsiders?
– Do you understand: _they_ are outsiders?!
– People moved into YOUR land
– You’re the leaders of the people
– Own the campus
– You have to believe it