Resurrect Your Heart

Preached by Ron Harding on May 19th, 2013

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Question: If everyone in the church were just like me, what kind of church would it be?

Nehemiah 2:10-12:17-18
1-You must get God’s dream deep down in your heart!

– If you survey the walls of Christianity in the world today, the walls lay in ruins!
-This needs to promote God’s dream in our heart-the condition of the walls must be concerning to us!

– We need to begin to rebuild!
– God put the dream in Nehemiah’s heart!
– Our movement is about rebuilding the walls of Christianity today!
– What dream do we have deep down in our heart…and does it include God’s dream?
– When are doing God’s work…it fills our heart w joy!
– Our own personal dreams tear down the walls of God’s church!

– We need to open wide our heart and allow God to put a dream in your heart!

Nehemiah 4:1-8
2-Learn how to resurrect your heart!

– There’s a reason God calls us to seek after Him w all our heart-because it’s what we need me makes us truly happy!
– You cannot have the dream deep down in your heart without praying hard to God to give it to you!
– Only way to resurrect your heart is to give 100% of your heart!
– Open the eyes of your heart and see God’s grace in your life

Ephesians 1:18-20
-Do you know, not by chance, you have been called by God!?
– God used His mighty strength to raise Jesus from the dead…you have that power inside of you…if you’re staying righteous!

John 4:34-38

-God’s will is that you finish the work you came to do?
-There’s always people that need and want God
-Get back to work for God and you will be resurrected!
-Get in touch where your life is at and repent of your sin and thn go tell a whole city like the Samaritan woman!

-Do you know what God’s dream is for your life and you just don’t want to do it?!

1 Corinthians 15:58
– ALWAYS give yourself fully to the work of Lord!
-God knows we will never be what we need to be until we are giving our all to God!

3 -You must give all of your heart or you will lose all of your heart!

Nehemiah 4:14

-Gods command is also geared to make you happy!
-What happened to make you stop working as hard as you were??
-Remember the words in v 14 – dont be afraid and fight for your home and Gods church.

Nehemiah 5:17-19

– In this time they had to learn how to wok w one hand and do God’s work also!
– For others to live we must give up our pleasures and contentment!

Nehemiah 6:9

-Pray for strength in your hands
-When weak, pray God exerts his strength to us to make us strong!
-When we are all about our dream and not God’s dream, we will not be happy!

4 – Everything can change in a matter of days!

Nehemiah 6:15-16

-Victory is already ours! We just need to serve God w all of our hearts and the victory is ours!
-The one thing you don’t want to change will destroy everything on your ourselves w God!
– 52 days the wall was rebuilt without heavy machinery!! A lot can be done in just a matter of days!!
– Think about the thing in our life that we think will never change…
-It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done…God can change you!
– Satan tells us the lie that “time heals everything”…time doesn’t do that! Time is dangerous and will turn you away!

-Decide to make God’s dream your dream!!