Spiritual Ingredients for Good-Bye – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on March 2, 2014

Notes & Scriptures

– Friday was Ashley’s going away party
– We’ll all have a good-bye party eventually
– What will yours look like?

Acts 20:17-38
– Paul’s going away party
– Paul shared something powerful at the end
– Look at what Paul did
– Know that this is what disciples today do


“To continue even when it gets difficult…”

v. 19
– Paul served the Lord with great humility
– Paul served with incredible perseverance
– Every disciple must know they will be tested
– Perseverance necessary for salvation

1 Timothy 4:16
– Watch your life and doctrine closely
– Persevere in them BOTH
– You must persevere!
– Which one is more important? Neither!
– We watch BOTH in this church
– Therefore, we persevere in both as well
– If you have the right life, the right doctrine…
– You STILL NEED perseverance
– Ashley never gave up through the trials
– So many disciples forfeit their good-bye party
– They slide away: never to be seen again

Hebrews 11, 12:1
– Perseverance is necessary in our walk with God!


v. 20-21, 27
– If you want to be a disciple:
– You must teach others to obey everything
– Paul never hesitated to preach the Word
– Paul did not hold back
– Paul laid it out
– Paul DISCIPLED people
– Ashley was known for discipling people
– Ashley did not hesitate to call people to God
– Ashley discipled the hearts of women
– Wounds from a friend can be trusted
– An enemy multiplies kisses
– Do you do this?
– How are your discipling times?
– Do you prioritize discipling times?
– Do you allow them to slip by?
– Is it more important to take care of your life?

Colossians 1:24
– “I am struggling with ALL MY ENERGY”
– To present the brothers and sisters perfect
– Something scary about avoiding discipling
– Something scary about a man holding back
– Some of us think we do not have the authority
– That is nonsense
– Ashley had no authority, took hits, had sin
– She still gave her whole heart to disciple
– Are you staying silent?
– Do you think it’s someone else’s job?
– Someone who doesn’t disciple, doesn’t love
– Pray that you love
– Pray that you don’t hesitate to preach
– Your discipling time is the most important thing in the week! CRITICAL
– If we don’t disciple each other, the church stays where it is at
– We must challenge one another in our righteousness
– Are you aware of the needs?
– Are you praying for discernment?
– Are you going after the needs?
– Will the people around you weep?

Acts 20:24
– What matters in Paul’s life?
– Nothing matters except to build the church
– Earthly talents do not get others to heaven
– Ashley’s life worth nothing (only preaching)
– Do you consider your life worth nothing?
– The world doesn’t have enough disciples
– It has plenty of lawyers, doctors, etc.


Acts 20:32-35
– Paul KNEW there would be hardship
– Paul KNEW there would be PRISON time
– Paul KNEW it was better to give, than receive
– Ashley’s heart was to give no matter what
– Ashley doesn’t go to school
– Ashley worked as a nanny, and single
– Ashley didn’t grumble, didn’t complain
– Ashley was on campus studying everyday
– Are you thinking about yourself?
– Or, are you thinking about giving to others?
– Repent of grumbling and complaining!
– You have everything, but KEEP grumbling
– There’s no place like this anywhere

“Ask not what the Kingdom can do for you, but what you can do for the Kingdom!”