Journey of Jesus – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on April 6, 2014

Notes & Scriptures

Luke 9:10; 18-19; 23-27
– Jesus’ final journey to Jerusalem
– Must be resolute that nothing will take you off your path in your journey
– Herod was perplexed about Jesus …he couldn’t figure him out
– When Jesus asks you who you day he is…you’re in the spotlight (verse 20)

Luke 9:28-36
– Jesus takes Peter up the mountain to see the glory of God
– The apostles weren’t perfect, religious men!! It’s ok to say how you feel and what’s on your heart!
– Are you afraid to make mistakes?
– Fear of man is a snare (don’t be frozen/scared)
– The apostles said done stupid stuff and still changed the world!!

Self-sacrifice Paves the Way to Heaven

Luke 9:57-62

Verse 57-58
– First obstacle is comfortability
– You cannot balance comfort and discipleship!!
– Proverbial saying because Jesus always had a place to lay head…just wasn’t in his home

Verse 59-60
– Jesus may sound insensitive …
– But Jesus was merely pointing out that the guy who wanted to follow Jesus AFTER he cares for his father
– Jesus wanted him to follow him now…doesn’t mean lack of love for family.
– People want to take their time and “be safe”…but when you know Jesus is LORD, you change immediately!
– We slowly cut off our sin… when we need to drastically cut it off!
– When you work slowly…you will never get where you need to be before dying first!

Verse 61-62
– We can’t look back when we are a disciple … or we aren’t fit!
– Motorcycle analogy:  It’s dangerous to look back because you will crash!
– You physically save your life to not look back on a motorcycle. We each must focus on our race!
– We think we are being polite by looking back, but when we look back, we aren’t focusing on all that’s in front of us!

Luke 10
– The path to heaven is only through the cross of Jesus!
– Jesus was on a narrow road to Jerusalem… and we also are on a narrow read to heaven

Luke 18:18-30
– This rich young ruler is synonymous to a true American
– Most Americans desire to be rich
– Jesus says to desire to be rich as a disciple is choosing the hardest way possible to get to heaven
– Self-sacrifice is the ONLY way to make it to heaven
– It’s next to impossible to desire to be rich and get to heaven
– This ruler had done so many great things…but the one little thing he lacked was too hard for him to give away!

Ephesians 5:5
– There are a lot of deeper things that people are dealing with when it comes to following Jesus.
– We can’t negotiate to get people to come into the kingdom.
– A sold-out heart is of more importance than your work schedule fitting the Kingdom schedule.

2 Timothy 4:6-8
– Discipleship is falling flat on your face and jumping back up and finishing the race (i.e. a steeple chase)
– You need to fight the fight, run the race and finish, and then you get the crown of righteousness!