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Your new sister Delaney is baptized!

“The Promised Land of Dreams”

Preached by Mike Underhill, 02/17/2013
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Exodus 3-God gave the dream to Moses-the dream to accomplish God’s dream for His people-after the Israelites had been enslaved for over 400 yrs

Numbers 13-God’s people lost the vision to accomplish God’s dream–their penalty was being sent back to desert for 38 more years!

Joshua 10:16-28
– Incredibly powerful moment-Gods people defeated the army and killed the 5 kings
– The commanders putting their feet on necks of the kings represented God’s people-so Joshua didn’t get the victory-Gods people did!
– Everything had to be destroyed and all sin removed so that God would be present and prepare the way for the Messiah to come!
– Complete holiness so God can come!
-Goliath was furious against Gods people because he was from Gath and saw the decimation of his people!
-All these battles were a physical parallel of the spiritual things that come today!!

Acts 1:8-Jesus says he wants us to go everywhere!

Colossians 1 – Everyone heard God’s word (parallel to Old Testament referring to no survivors!)

Acts 19:8-10 -Everyone heard the word of the Lord-the WHOLE province of Asia (western part of modern day Turkey.)

-Two years of preaching every day by Paul and a nameless disciple to make this happen. Even the parts of the world that the disciples didn’t think they could touch-those nations were taught the way to salvation and some became disciples!

-Do we share God’s dream? We are bonded by our share of the dream!

-Dreams fade and worldly desires come! It kills the dream

Q. Are you living the dream? (-to take the promised land and leave no survivors!)-OR are you living for yourself?

Joshua 13:1-11 Joshua was old (about 110 yrs) and there were still areas to be taken over! He needed to allot the land to the tribal leaders.

Joshua 14:1-15 – they divide the land and there was a conversation with Moses and Joshua that’s not recorded in the Pentateuch (first 5 books of Bible) – convo in v12

-We may fear, but when we focus on God, we have NO fear! What’s the giant in your life-too big for you to overcome?! As a man/woman of God you should have none! Because you know there’s nothing you can’t overcome with God!

-The city where Sarah, Abraham, and Isaac were buried was sacred land!

-Our problems are all a matter of perspective! We think we sacrifice until we see how others really sacrifice! You see how good you have it when you have perspective!

-The starting of an adventure is easy, but as time goes on we get tired! Just like the days goes by as a Christian, it gets harder also!

-Will you be as strong and vigorous as the days and years go by?? We must keep the dream alive!

-God needs a movement passionate about changing the world for Him!


Joshua 15:63- David drove the Jebusites out.

Joshua 15:13-19 – Challenge is to complete the job. Caleb gets the job done! He got the sacred place but was still another land to get. Caleb’s brother took the city and was also was given a wife.

-Negev, in Hebrew, means “the dry,” so Othniel’s daughter wanted the springs if water to go with the dry land.

-Heroes for God get the cranking wife (and a cranking life.) You need to be a hero for God before you can get a daughter of God!

-Are we attempting to find a man or woman of God to share Gods dream with?!

-Are you and your spouse sharing Gods dream? Or are you pulling your spouse down?

-Time is short! Joshua knew it was short (as he was old!)

-When you share a dream, it doesn’t matter all you have, as long as you’re together!!

-We are a part of a church known for its love! We need our marriages in the church to be the same way!

-Keep the dream alive and then share the dream with others!