“The Saga of the Gibeonites”

Preached by Mike Underhill, 02/10/2013
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Joshua 9:1-16

Point 1- Errors w no prayers
Point 2- Spoken word do not disturb
Point 3- Hail stones or hail Jehovah

-With one mouth they came together!
-The enemies of God unite to oppose Gods people (i.e. Pilate and Herod )
-Fear of God produces responses
-There’s 2 Gilgal cities (just like most states have similar city names).
-If they didn’t wipe out the people, they were going to be a threat to pull God’s people away–no treaties were to be made with them!


-The people followed what their senses said were true-they violated Gods command because they merely followed their senses. We make errors when there’s no prayers!

-When there’s prayers, there’s awesome miracles! We must be in prayer when we are God’s people!

-We need to be deleted in prayer and stay in touch w each other! Focused in prayer with EVERY decision to be made!

-Our hearts can be behind one thing, but we still need to pray for God to make things clear!


-All the people were deceived all at the same time!

Joshua 9:17-20
Gods people broke their word!

2 Corinthians 1:16-17
-We make promises and think its no big deal if it doesn’t work out!
-God doesn’t make his plans lightly! When He says Yes…he means Yes! We need be this way! No disciple should give their word and take it lightly!

V18-22 – What if god didn’t mean what he said???
-When god gives his word-it NEVER changes!

-We think in our culture that two wrongs make a right!
-We love each othe unconditional! -like Jesus did!

Luke 5:27-32
-Jesus taught them that healthy people (disciples) don’t need a diction (Jesus)-you need the doctor (Jesus) when you’re sick (living in sin)!

-We look at healing as something that takes time and they think they need to get way from the things that hurt them (i.e. Think we don’t need go to church!)

-We actually NEED to be close to Gods people-we need to repent to be healed! We think the person that hurt us needs to repent so we can be healed! 2 wrongs dont make a right!!
-We need to repent of OUR sin! That’s the solution w non-believers AND for us as disciples!

2 Samuel 21:1-14
-Saul broke the word and dessi aged the Gubinites and went back on his word to God!
-Sin that happened years before was currently destroying the community!
-Sometimes sorry is not enough! We need to prove our repentance by our deeds!
-We are not just people of talk-but we are people of our words and we prove in action!
-We need to lead the people we study with to repentance and obedience following the word!
-Here in this story-God said there would be a famine until there was repentance! God won’t bless if we don’t confess and repentance!
-Even in God’s church, we can have a famine w fruit of baptizing disiples if sin is in our church!!


Joshua 10:1-6
-Sometimes we make an oath and God tests it later! (Satan tests too like then we saw Jesus is Lord.)

-Having a spiritual is harder than having a physical birthday! It’s a year of warfare against dark forces in this world!!

-Every year Satan is trying to trick us each and every year!! But we made an oath before God at the waters of our baptism!

V7-9 Awesome leader and awesome followers! They don’t go the extra mile-they go an extra many miles on an all-night march!

-Do we have boundaries on the sacrifice that we will make??

V10-Confusion here means disturbed in Hebrew!!
-God disturbs you when he wants your attention!

-God brought the great victory here w the hailstones NOT the people who brought the victory!
-volleyball-sized hailstones were plummeting down on the people!

V12-15 -The day God listened to man!! The sun stopped in the sky to give them extra daylight hours to take over the city!
-There’s a thought that this was a hyperbole (since this was written as a song)-meaning this was the perfect day to have a victory w God!
-Hailstones are used to get God’s attention. We need to have prayers that dare-a little crazy! Are we praying for our family?
-God has given you the treasure, but do you see it?