This Glorious Quest

Preached by Matt Sullivan on May 12th, 2013

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Romans 1:16
-The value of the Bible is overwhelming!
-It is THE power of God!
-Have you been living by faith? If you are, you’re righteous! You will radically change when you live by faith from the Word.

Romans 16:1-2
1 – Greeting before the Meeting
-Paul wrote this letter to Rome before he ever went there
-You are here not by chance, but by God’s very design!
-Listen to the way Paul treats people…he speaks highly of Phoebe.
-How do you greet a Saint?
-How do you treat your family in the faith?
-It’s easy to become used to seeing so many disciples
-We are building something that is going to change the world!
-Understand the value of a disciple on this planet!

-Rome forgot the things that they did at first…so Paul continually reminded them throughout this letter…
-Everywhere you go, you need to bring the heart with you and change the city!

Romans 16:3-16
-Greet- means to enfold in the arms….to draw out (heart)… To salute
-Salute is to show High honor
-We become hard-hearted coming into fellowship…we must honor each other every time!
-Greet disciples on a heart level!

-Paul meets Priscilla and Aquila in
Acts 18…

Romans 16:17-20
2 – Derision of Division
-False doctrine in SF is self-sufficiency
-You either help false doctrine people OR get away from them before they change you!

-Genesis 3:1-13
-“Smooth talk and flattery”
Satan questions Gods word…innocently asks if its really true …
-Eve added words to Gods word!! He didn’t say not to touch it…he da I’d not to eat it!
-Adam wasn’t afraid of God before…but
once he sinned he was afraid of God
-God wanted Adam to get open!
-False doctrine is insidious! Changing ONE word changes everything!
-We need to be Bereans every day!!
-Do you realize that Satan knows his Bible better than you?!? And Satan will use it!!
-There’s division in your heart from another saint .. because we think we have a better way! You can’t be fruitful when you’re divided in your heart w people.
-When we are divided amongst each other, God knows!
-Put into practice the words of God and you will have the best church change of your city!
-Hate with a passion when you’re divided amongst each other…it will kill your church!

Romans 16:25-27
Established by the gospel…to become a saint

3-Evangelism of All Nations
-Imitate the churches that are fruitful!
-Is it really your vision to evangelize the world in this generation?
-We need people in our life who have a vision for us when we don’t ave a vision for ourself!
-Be noble and inspire people everywhere you go-don’t settle for normalcy!

-When you lose your dream, you start losing the dream for the people around you!
-Dream the impossible dream….

-We are on a quest to do the impossible!