True Heart Of A Disciple – Mike Underhill 
Sermon Preached on September 8, 2013

Notes & Scriptures

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
– A true disciple wants to do the will of God
– Gratitude is the key for discipleship!
– We tend not to give thanks when things aren’t going well
– The Bible commands thanks at all times!
– “Gratitude makes sense of our past” … It helps be at peace! No peace? Not grateful!
– Gratitude gives you a vision for the world!
– What can I give back ….out of gratitude?
– Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like getting a present and never giving it!
– Do you show your gratitude? Or just feeling it inside?
– Gratitude is the parent of all other virtues (quote from Cicero)
– We lose gratitude because of our expectations of how things should be!
– Ask yourself … are you ungrateful? Our society tells us that we need more!

Matthew 13:44-46
– One thing in common with both men: they sold EVERYTHING to have the Kingdom!
– If you walked away now, realizing material possessions do not bring happiness, your life would change!
– Jesus compares His Kingdom to finding a million dollars in gold
– For everything you own, you can have it!
– God’s requirement is that we give everything we have for His Kingdom
– It is NOT man’s requirement!
– God has a great plan, but He needs it all!

Colossians 3:1-17
– It’s easy to attempt to set your mind on things above, until things happen in life!
– But when you set your mind on godly things, then your life changes!
– When you focus on God, you rid yourself of all evil desires!
– We can’t just deny ourselves of evil desires, we need to rid ourselves of all of them!
– God even encourages us to test Him by giving all we have!
– Gratitude builds relationships in God’s Kingdom (because there is no malice, slander, bitterness, etc.)
– Do you see God or are your eyes off of God and focused on worldliness?
– When people aren’t singing to God, they are in a dangerous place spiritually
– Gratitude helps you to stay righteous and not fall into sin!

Philippians 3:17-21
– Where is your mind at and what godly man/woman are you following?
– When we aren’t set on godly things, we miss in giving our contribution to God!
– The church will grow regardless of the money being given
– But, we will become spiritually weak and lose our salvation due to our lack of giving!
– God’s plan is for people to see the commitment for Him through looking at other people and their hearts of sacrifice!
– Heaven isn’t equivalent to getting free tickets to Disney World from the CEO!
– God says that He will transform our lowly bodies to glorious bodies!
– We will be different! – Extreme Makeover – not just handing over greatness, but personally transforming what we have to something better!