Unsung Heroes – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on June 2, 2013

Notes & Scriptures

Jesus sacrificed during his pain

Sometimes we forget about the awesome things God is doing in our lives and in our churches! Many times, it’s during our pain that we forget these things. Let’s take a look at Jesus’ example, and what he did in the midst of his pain.

Many times, we go through troubles, and we forget how good we have it!

Many years ago, people didn’t have cars or the kind of technology we have today!

It’s all about perspective! We don’t know real suffering, we avoid it!

The life of a disciple is all about embracing suffering for the sake of loving God. We deny ourselves and sacrifice for God.

Much of the Christian world focuses only on the positives, but they neglect the sacrifice it takes to follow Jesus.

We don’t know who we really are until we go through suffering.

Luke 23:39-43
Up until Jesus’ last breath, he was saving souls

How about you? Are you saving souls when you’re in pain.
In his pain, Jesus was saving others.

We think we need to deal with our pain first, before going out and saving souls.

In the midst of our pain, we need to focus on two things: saving ourselves (as in avoiding sin, not merely avoiding pain), and saving others.

What’s your biggest fear?
Whether it’s standing up for the truth, or not pleasing people, or facing your sin–or other’s sin!–everybody has fear, what’s yours? It’s not going away until you overcome it.

When was the last time you discipled somebody on their sin? If you love them, you’ll help them overcome so they don’t fall away!! Don’t get caught up in thinking that you’ll-make-things-worse, or you’re-not-perfect-so-why-bring-it-up

John 19:25-27
In the midst of Jesus’ pain he served others. His mom needs to be reassured that someone would be there to help her.

When we’re in pain, we tend to draw away from others. We miss church, we don’t talk to others. What do you do when you’re in pain?

Your pain reveals who you are.
In your pain, do you serve?

We live in a selfish time, and in a selfish city. People lack dreams! And if they have dreams, it’s selfish ambition!

Matthew 26:36-46
In Jesus’ sorrow, he called others higher

Luke 23:44-46
In his pain, Jesus prayed
Sometimes, in our pain, we don’t pray more, we pray LESS!

We all go through times of problems, but when we don’t pray, they come back!

Is your God bigger than your problems?
If you don’t see God as bigger, how willing will he be to solve your problems?

In your pain, are you praying? And are you faithful that God is working, and will work?

John 19:28-30
In the midst of his pain, Jesus made sure to get the job done.

When people get baptized, the aren’t thinking that they’ll fall away in a few years or so; they are committed! In the midst of his pain, Jesus focused on the task ahead, the task that would last until he died.

In the midst of our pain, we forget the awesome things that are happening!

Count your blessings!

1 Corinthians 7:32-35
Singles focused on God are better off than singles who are pining for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Set your hopes in Jesus, and he will take care of your desires, as well!

When we serve, save souls, and persevere through our pain, we can rest assured we are with God, and we are part of a forged relationship that will last forever.