What’s in it for Me?

Preached by special guest Jay Hernandez on June 9th, 2013

Psalm 119:36
– We need to not turn our hearts not toward selfish gain!
-This entire song was written to remind David and his people to return to this way of thinking!

– 3 characteristics of Catholicsm -(St Ignatius Loyola)
-live in complete obedience
-live in complete poverty
-live in complete abstinence

1 – Give and Not Count the Cost
Acts 4:32-37
-This was the culture in the church in the 1st Century
-If God was going to rename you, what name would He choose to call you? (Barnabas was named son of encouragement!!)
-The Kingdom takes care of each other! That’s what it’s all about!
-The temptation when in severe need is to quit and get your needs met and not count the cost for Kingdom!
– Continue to give your heart and God will take care of you!!

Acts 5:1-11
– This story starts good … but then takes a turn. They start sacrificial, but then w lack of faith, they doubted what God would do for them!
– After sacrificial giving, people start wondering what is in it for us?
– This couple gave but didn’t count the cost!!
– Are you holding back? You cannot out-give God! He KNOWS what you need!! He ALWAYS takes care of you!
– I am here because God wants me to he here!

2- Fight and Not Heed the Wounds
– We are spiritual beings living in a physical world…not vice versa
– Revelation 12:12 -Satan is after you! Not if … when!!
– God never puts you in a position where you will be completely defeated – 1 Cor 10:13

Phil 1:12-18
– Do you rejoice when you’re wounded?
– Do you understand that God can use these wounds in your life?
v25-30 – Paul will continue to live and suffer bc of its encouragement to helping other people!

2 Cor 5:14 – He died for all so that they would live for Him! If you don’t live for Him, your life is living in vain!

– Story of soldier who took grenade for his 4 friends (brother soldiers)

– When wounded take it as a badge of honor for Jesus!! If you show up in Heaven with no wounds, then it’s going to make others wonder how you got there (you wouldn’t belong!)

3 – Toil without seeking rest!

1 Thess 1:1-10
-Because Paul didn’t give up when the Thessalonians first beat him and left him for dead, therefore, a strong church grew in Thessalonica!
– This church grew in its faith! We need to continue to grow in our faith!

-When you continue to work hard, the fruit will come!! Don’t seek rest!!
– God takes absolutely everything away from you until you “get it”!
-Even when you’re shopping for groceries…remember you’re not here for the bread, you’re there for the “fruit.”