Comeback King – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on December 29, 2013

Notes & Scriptures

John 20:1-9
– The beginning of Jesus’ greatest comeback – His resurrection
– First thing that Jesus did after rising was folded his clothes (That’s discipline!)

John 20:19-23
– The disciples are locked up out of fear and cowering after Jesus’ death
– Jesus comes in calm, cool and collected

Luke 24:36-43
– Same rendition of account as above in John – also in Luke
– When disciples thought Jesus was a ghost, He encouraged them to touch Him!
– The disciples were so startled, they forgot to be hospitable … then Jesus asks for food
– Jesus’ reaction is amazing, given the circumstances that Jesus has been through
– He returned to the disciples without any anger at all
– With the very men who cursed Him and deserted Him!
– Jesus doesn’t even mention anything that they had done to Him!
– No resentment because His faith was greater than all that
– Mission teams can be a challenge, but we had victories
– Through all these hits on the church, the contribution has grown, as well as the membership!
– The victories that are the hardest to attain become among the best of victories!
– People with incredible talents give everything up for a greater cause!

Romans 6:3
– If the Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead is within us, then we can have a great comeback too!
– That same Spirit has not only raised Jesus from the dead
– It’s also at work within us and brings us back from the dead too!
– We are the comeback kids of the comeback King (Jesus)
– Imperfections don’t matter … just as long as you have faith!