Everyone Needs a Hero – Cornel Buckner
Sermon Preached on May 11, 2014

Notes & Scriptures


– I love to do is be able to go watch a good movie
– I love all types of movies especially movies that have to do with my childhood heroes!
– To me this year has been the year of the HERO
– Movies like Captain America, The Amazing Spiderman 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-men, Transformers, Avengers, Superman vs Batman
– There is no doubt that growing up I desired to be almost all these heroes because there was something special about them
– The biggest thing that this world needs is a heroes and heroines!

What is a hero?

– Some people think that a hero is a submarine sandwich
– defines a hero as a man of distinguished courage or ability admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities
– A person who transforms compassion into brave, noble and memorable ACTION

Being a hero is a daily responsibility.

Proverbs 24:11
– Rescue those being led away to death hold back those staggering toward the slaughter
– A hero, Biblically, is someone who is working to rescue other people!
– A hero, Biblically, is not BORN but MADE
– A hero will risk comfort, social stature, quality of life, physical and material gain
– What will you risk?

Whenever someone makes the decision to be a disciple another hero has been made.

(1) The Heart of a Hero

Luke 7:11-17
– Here we find Jesus and the bible says that he went through this town called Nain
– The word Nain means beauty
– This was a village that was located in Galilee at the northern base of little Hermon
– Within this beautiful city there was something that wasn’t so beautiful happening and that was the death of this widow’s son
– The widow had lost her husband and now had lost her son which would’ve been her last source of income
– This widow was probably past the age of child bearing and was an easy target for swindlers
– Jesus saw her and his heart went out to her; Jesus had a heart of compassion, a heart that said this death will not end in tragedy
– Jesus was about to give this woman hope again
– The heart of Jesus says I want to help. I want to do something.
– We have to understand not everyone is going to cry like this woman
– However a hero understands there are tears that reach the heart but never reach the eyes
– A hero is there to wipe the tears
– A hero will walk with someone through their pain
– What makes someone a hero isn’t the fact that they have rescued you from the flames, what makes them a hero is they have walked through the flames with you
– A hero has the power to bring hope out of any tragedy
– A hero thinks there is no tragedy that God can’t bring glory to
– The only thing a hero sees is possibilities
– They understand the only thing that is impossible is something that God has said no to
– Do you see possibilities or impossibilities?
– If you see the possible you will be a hero if you see the impossible you will be a bystander!

(2) A Hero Accepts Challenges and Invites Problems

Mark 9:14-29
– A large crowd comes around Jesus as well as the teachers of the law
– The people were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him (a hero’s welcome)
– Jesus sees this man demon possessed and it says that he was robbed of his speech, foaming at the mouth, rigid
– The apostles we see have already lost the battle but Jesus accepts the challenge and says bring the boy to me
– A hero is able to accept a challenge because he knows and understands he has the God given ability to conquer over any evil
– We as a people must stop hoping for the world to be a better place a make the decision to make it a better place
– I believe every year as heroes we face a daunting task of not only sharing our faith
– But coming up with the finances to send out other heroes through our missions contribution
– Instead of reacting like the heroes we can tend to get demonic about it
– Notice it says that this man was robbed of his speech
– Others are foaming at the mouth
– Maybe your gnashing your teeth or your down right annoyed!
– The last symptom of being demonic is becoming rigid
– Have you allowed missions to dry you up?
– Here your not even trying to get missions you just accepted the failure of not having it!
– However the true test of a hero is found in their faith
– Every man needs a faith that will not sink in the waters of adversity!
– In this passage, we see what the kryptonite was for the disciples: it was there doubt
– The reason why they weren’t able to conquer and rise above the challenge was they did not pray
– God has designed us in such a way that we much must get on our knees in order to rise to our feet
– A man will never live in doubt when he has prayed in faith
– Some of you in this room have no idea of how powerful you are and others think you’re too powerful
– Some people want to be batman without being robin and what’s going to end up happening is you’re going to be two face!
– Work like everything depends on you; pray as if everything depends on God
– A hero prays because he knows the world rests upon his prayers while on his hands and his knees
– We must expect an answer!
– Do you pray because it’s the right thing to do or do you pray as if is the only thing you can do?