Judges Series Part 2

Preached by Mike Underhill on June 16th, 2013

Judges 21:25 – God was not king anymore to the people and they were living how they chose fit!

Judges 13:1-5 –
Israel stood for few tribes …
Samson was a judge over a few tribes
God is bringing someone to deliver the Israelites

Judges 13:24-25
Samson means the shining sun (what would bring light to the darkness)
God had a plan for Samson’s life and He has a plan for yours

Acts 17:26- God has taken every individual’s life and placed them in the exact time and place for a purpose. Everything that happens in your life is so that you would seek God.

It takes sacrifice to surrender to God’s plan for your life. Your sacrifice will save you and perhaps your family one day. Sacrifice leads to miracles!

God has a plan but will only work the miracles if you sacrifice for Him.


Judges 14:1-18
-(Nehemiah 13-Solomon loved foreign women like Samson and compromised God’s plan for them!)
-Samson is strong, bright and decisive, but he’s also sentimental

Judges 15:1-20
-This woman was not loyal to her husband, so she’s killed w her father
– When discouraged, you isolate in a “cave”….where Samson went after his wife’s death
– When people lose sight of God, they become critical of their leaders!
– Imagine if these 3000 warriors of Judah were behind Samson 100%?!
– We need to guard our hearts and remember that they’re sent by God!
– Samson is a man of effective prayer – and God hears him – but he compromises by bitterness and anger
– Samson then feels to realize his full potential

Col 1:28-29 – Inside the church, we admonish one another (discipling).
– We can have great conviction and passion for God, but we need to have people training us so we aren’t independent and isolated and can love admonishment and flourish!!
-Necessary to have transparency in our lives!
– We need to believe that people can change – but you must be humble w people and humble w God in order to change!


Judges 16:1-19
– We need to learn that we cannot go outside the church for emotional needs!
Proverbs 5 – their feet are hideous and lead you to the grave!
– Our society runs rampant to not make Jesus their Lord!
– Samson means the sun and Delilah means night – the night overcomes the lighting this story!
– God was no longer w Samson and he realizes this!

Les Miserables – “I Dreamed a Dream” – read lyrics
– Has your hidden sin stopped you from dreaming your dream?
– When you’re not focused on God, your dream dies!


Judges 16:22-30
-Samson realized something through his relationship w God – he had to hit rock bottom in order for him to realize his strength comes from God, not from his hair!!
-Sacrifice whatever it takes and give whole heart to God!

– Need a PURE devotion for God’s Kingdom