Not Even Death Will Separate Us – Mike Underhill
Sermon Preached on October 20, 2013

Notes & Scriptures

Romans 8:37-39
– We are more than conquerors!

Genesis 3:1-13
– Satan is continually trying to separate us from a God.
– Just because nothing can Gods love can’t be separated for us….there is still a spiritual battle for us to be separated from God.
– We are tempted to think that maybe God doesn’t have our best in a His mind.
– When we fall for Satan’s schemes then we have been separated from God and Satan has won.
– When we eat from the wrong tree….we are no longer able treat from the tree of life!
– We all inherit physical death from the fall of Adam and Eve.

James 1:13-15
– The progression to death (stages to death) is laid out here!
– The first step to this progression is dragged away (caused by our evil desires).
– The second step is being enticed once dragged away (Eve was enticed by wisdom).
– The next step is desire (Satan puts in our path what we desire so much)!
– The next step is birth to sin (it doesn’t just happen…it’s our desires)!
– Sin happens because we wanted for it to happen!! Don’t be deceived…we led ourselves to the sin!
– The first problem to falling into sin is denial! See what Satan is trying to do …. he wants you to die!
– The first problem with Eve is that she thought she could do it without God!

James 4:4-8
– We need to resist Satan or we become adulterous!
– Eve didn’t resist Satan…she held a conversation with him!
– God is always faithful…we are the only ones in this relationship that are adulterous!
– You can overcome sin by continuing to say “no” to Satan.
– Do you have this conviction with the sin that has plagued your life? Where are you at and what are your convictions??
– Continue to gauge where your relationship is at with God!

Genesis 3:6
– Sin is desirable and looks appealing and fulfilling!

Proverbs 5
– Know that you heart is so foolish!
– Are you memorizing scripture that can help you overcome?
– What are you focused on?

Proverbs 29:25
– Trust in The Lord and keep safe!

John 3:19-21
– When people aren’t confessing sin…they aren’t walking in the light!
– When you talk about your sin….people know they can trust you because of your openness!
– The answer to walk in the light is to always be open about your sin!

Revelation 22:1-6
– God took Adam and Eve out of the garden and then angels blocked the tree of life from them!
– The same angel that blocks the tree of life will walk God’s people back to the tree of life
– Through the water of life, the tree will no longer be blocked from us (we will have eternal life).
– Gift of water of life is free (price has been paid)
– Where do you stand with God?
– Are you desiring what Satan is enticing you with or do you desire God?
– Where is your relationship with Him?

1 Corinthians 6:19-20
– The price for our soul has been paid by a God! You don’t belong to yourself anymore!