Preached by Mike Underhill on April 21, 2013


Judges 6:1-12
– God saw in him what he might not have saw in himself! God saw that Gideon is a mighty warrior!

1 Corinthians 15:1-10
-Disciples are all about the good news! (all about the life of Jesus)

-Grace did not go without effect (v10)
-God still allows us to be in His Kingdom even though we were so wretched in our past!
-God came to Gideon in his grace…while hiding in a winepress!
-A disciple who really understands God’s grace and is grateful then they works incredibly hard!

1 Cor 15:50-58
-God has an awesome plan not only for you to go to an awesome place….but He has a plan for you to be a new creation…to be awesome yourself!!
-When we aren’t fully committed to God…that’s when marriage problems and strife in our lives come!
-When you get bitter…you have forgotten that you’re living for God! It’s not about other people!!

-If Jesus isn’t in your life or if there’s bitterness in your heart, you need to understand that your focus is in the wrong place!
-Whatever people do…our labor is not in vain if we continue to work hard for God (let nothing move you).
-Failed expectations can scar us! But the cannot “move” us!
-Persecution and people refusing the gospel can scar us!

-You can tell a disciple is sold-out when they give sacrificially…

Acts 2:42-47
-These are the hearts of the young Christians — they are devoted!
-Jesus had the expectation from Day 1 that the disciples would live this sold-out life.


Acts 2:47-People were being saved!

John 12:24-26
-When you die you produce many seeds!
-Older Christians drift away slowly…where baby Christians can fall away quickly.
-If you’re not fruitful, maybe you’ve gone back to the world and are living for yourself! You must die to be fruitful!
-We have to have the conviction tha baby Christians be fruitful!


Matthew 28:18-20
-During all the time the disciples spent together in Acts 2:42, they were teaching all the while (v20)
-Older Christians don’t graduate! They need discipling just as much! Or they will drift!
-Do we love correction? Are we grateful for it?
-Remember…discipling and teaching is the plan to save the world!
-Keeping disciples faithful is the
key to saving the world–not just baptizing people!

Acts 16:5-The churches were strengthened in ther faith and grew in numbers!

Acts 28:21-22
-As the church grew, the persecutors also multiplied!

-Which “most likely” award would it get in the Kingdom?
-Am I still like a baby Christian?