Our Inaugural Service!

Preached by Mike Underhill, 08/19/2012

Today marks the day we are officially a new church in God’s movement! He blessed us this morning with more than five times our church’s members, over 150 in attendance! The singing was incredible, the messages were moving, and Mike called us to “blast our trumpets” in today’s sermon. Watch it, along with an intro by Chris and Theresa Broom, here!

[flashvideo file=media/sermons/20120916_SFBICC_InauguralIntro.flv image=”media/sermons/20120916_SFBICC_InauguralIntro.jpg” /]

[flashvideo file=media/sermons/20120916_SFBICC_TrumpetBlast.flv image=”media/sermons/20120916_SFBICC_TrumpetBlast.jpg” /]